Food review: That’s Amore

1/110 Mountain View Ave, Miami Ph: 07 5520 0797

If you asked us to name a restaurant that’s a local secret, a place that engenders fierce loyalty from its patrons yet Gold Coast residents from a couple of suburbs away aren’t aware of its existence, then That’s Amore would be on the tip of our tongues.

A family owned and run business, That’s Amore first brought us comfort Italian food in 2013 and has won return customers ever since.  New restaurants are exciting to discover, but it’s comfort and familiarity that draws us back to favourite venues. A recent return visit to That’s Amore reminded us why it’s so popular.

Situated high up on hill above Burleigh Golf Course, on a midweek night, the restaurant is bustlingly busy with takeaway and delivery racing out the door. Yet, like a well-oiled machine, orders arrive quite promptly and there’s the general air of convivial fun so common in trattorias. Everyone’s here for a good time and they know they’re going to be well fed.

The menu is extensive but easy to follow, covering Pastas and Pizza (including gluten-free and vegetarian), as well as Breads, Starters, Mains (with a selection of chicken, veal, ribs, mussels, house-made lasagne and cannelloni) and Desserts.

We remember the rich creamy sauces that we ordered on our last visit, and note that there’s still plenty to splurge on if you want, such as Creamy Galliano bugs, Veal Amore with mushrooms, capsicum, shallots and bacon in a creamy tomato reduction, and Polo Pesto – pasta with creamy pesto chicken.

However, since being taken over by Karlyn Hampton a few years ago, we’ve seen a new emphasis on lighter fare. Specials also show off fresh produce, giving the menu extra interest for regulars. We head for seafood with tomato-based sauces and find plenty to choose from.

Oysters are large and juicy and at $24 a dozen they’re an absolute bargain! The daily special of King prawn entrée is too good to pass up, the prawns fat and juicy, well complemented by a simple tomato, EVO, garlic and parsley sauce.

We choose mains from the pasta and pizza sections of the menu: Spaghetti with prawns and olive oil, semi-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, feta and spinach ($23), a seafood only version of Con’s Special pizza ($24) and Black mussels in a chilli herb tomato sauce with fresh house-made bread ($22).

Simple desserts such as Tiramisu, Cinnamon Doughnuts and Sticky Date Pudding are offered (if you can fit them in), however, our dessert of choice is Banana Crêpes, served with butterscotch sauce and ice cream, the crêpes melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

We’ll be back to try other specials, oysters (again), Polenta chips, Ribs, and of course those Moreton Bay Bugs!

With plenty of parking in the centre and all dishes priced under $25, That’s Amore is both accessible and extremely affordable. There’s the incentive for families to dine, with all children’s meals priced under $10 and free on Tuesdays, though the meals are generous enough for family sharing.

Added to that, because That’s Amore is BYO, it’s an excellent venue for a celebration and a great alternative for date night…that is if you’ve remembered to book!

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