Food review: San Churro Chocolateria Surfers Paradise

47/48 Circle on Cavill, Surfers Paradise

If you’re looking for a chocolately catch up with your amigos, you need look no further than San Churro Surfers Paradise, a Spanish twist on a dessert café, replete with Willy Wonka-esque walls full of delicious take-home treats.

Our night-time visit takes us into the centre of Surfers Paradise after a rather hearty meal, so we initially plan to only taste an item or two from the San Churro menu. This idea quickly becomes laughable when we are greeted with the range of fondues, icecreams, shakes and dessert tapas on offer. Unable to choose between a salted caramel dip pot and crème catalana (think crème brulee with a citrus twist), we go with both as part of a 4 dish tapas ($22), and throw in a dish of Buñuelos (Spanish Doughnut Balls) and fresh strawberries for dipping.

We also grab a ruby chocolate fondue with hot, fresh churros ($10). I had heard much about ruby chocolate but never tried it. It’s essentially like a pink-coloured white chocolate with a unique fruity tang at the end, and it goes beautifully with the warm, crispy cinnamon-sugared Buñuelos, while the salty-sweet caramel is simply divine with the strawberries.

We finish off the night with a Spanish latte, which is fresh espresso with condensed milk sitting in a sweet layer at the bottom. We probably didn’t need any more sugar, but when in Rome. (Or Spain).

San Churro Surfers Paradise offers several vegan options, and gluten-free and low-gluten items also. If we’d been able to fit it in, we would have availed ourselves of one of the divine looking sundaes or shakes, piled high with whipped cream (or not, as per your preference), or one of the gorgeous layer cakes or colourful macarons on display in the dessert cabinet.

But in the end, all we could manage to do was take home a few gourmet chocolates to nibble on later. The rest will just have to wait until our next visit.

IMAGE (c) Adam Christie

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