FMX: the sounds of a feminist methodology

For two weeks in September, The Walls Gallery at Miami is partnering up with Melbourne based Liquid Architecture, an organisation for artists working with sound, to present the Gold Coast incarnation of What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like (or, FM[X] for short).

It’s a sonic celebration of women and their ways and organiser Rebecca Ross said FM[X]GC sounded like a good idea to do here, “where, you gotta admit, it’s a pretty interesting place to be a woman.”

The event will showcase a new solo show by Brisbane-based artist Leena Riethmuller, which will be realised as a series of social workshops focused on somatic experience. There’s also a launch party on September 5. And as part of FM[X]GC, organisers are taking donations of goodies for Gold Coast women’s refuge, My Friends Place.

So, what would a feminist methodology sound like?

There are many feminisms, and many speaking for feminism. Instead of looking for answers, or speaking for women, organisers say “we have some questions for feminism coming from within systems of sonic affect, or using sound as an acoustic mirror for society.”

Those questions are things like; how is music one of the desire industries? How do everyday practices and cultures of hearing work to police some utterances but not others? Baffling, muffling and amplifying: What is emitting the noise that is in itself a silence? Can lower frequency listening help us to hear how power works on and through us sonically? What tones, what attunement is required if we want to do this? And what volume?

Leena Riethmuller’s body information workshops will take place from 1 – 12 September and the launch event on 5 September will include a silent walking tour with Shanene Ditton, Yarning circle with Libby Harward and tunes by Evelyn Ida-Morris. Get more information via

Image: Rebecca Ross


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