Flickerfest | 2015 National Tour

If you missed it recently, Flickerfest rolled into town to deliver nine spectacular short films, handpicked from the annual film festival at Bondi Beach earlier this year.

Entitled Short Films: Licensed to Thrill, I was indeed quite thrilled at the caliber of shorts on offer. In fact I was tickled pink! What made the night a huge success was the lighthearted Aussie spirit of taking any theme and putting a comedic spin on it.

We’re known for not taking ourselves too seriously, and it reflected in almost all of the films showcased on the night.

Whether the film was animated, dramatically acted, or completely comedic in nature, Flickerfest Short Films: Licensed to Thrill was one rollercoaster ride of emotion.

From local filmmaker Beth Armstrong, came a fun little slice of childhood as she painted an autobiographic picture of her relationship with her younger brother and the shenanigans they got up to as latch-key kids after school each day.

The stop-animated claymation short Bush Mechanics was a story of four Walpiri men traversing our great red country in an old beaten up Ford Valiant. With bits and pieces falling off, or breaking down along the way, MacGyver-like ingenuity was employed with hilarious results!

My absolute favourite gem of the night was entitled Love Song Devotions, which shed a very humorous light on the topic of love and loss through late-night radio DJ Raymond L’amour, whose voice could melt icing off a cupcake. Again that Aussie quirk had the audience falling for this film right from the very first frame, and the happy ending made our hearts and throats swell with a collective “aahh.”

Unlike other artsy events I’ve been to, I found the overall theme and tone of the night very easy to immerse myself in. That feeling of love and connection, community and moving forward through life seemed to roll around the theatre like an infectious cloud of warmth and pride.

I went home knowing my evening had been well spent, and am very much looking forward to Flickerfest rolling back into town next year on another annual tour.

For those interested in finding out where the next stops of the tour are, be sure to head to the Flickerfest website at: www.http/flickerfest.com.au

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