Fishos ups its live music offering

Fisherman’s Wharf has undergone many evolutions over recent decades. From the venue for Nirvana’s much-talked about gig on the Gold Coast, to hosting DJs and dance music late into the night now. While the pub itself has changed dramatically, the constant has been its million-dollar location, right on the Broadwater.

Claudine Battistuzzi is the venue’s Operations Manager – a role she’s held for ten years. She’s seen the venue change quite a bit over her tenure.

“We used to be a massive live entertainment venue up until around 2008 when liquor licensing laws changed,” she said. “That forced us to reinvent ourselves and become a bit more well-rounded – good food, family-friendly, function facilities as well as live entertainment.”

“I like to think of us as probably the best waterfront venue on the northern Gold Coast,” she said.

“I’m trying to get more in touch with the local music scene and get connected with the right people to get better live music here, and do it consistently.”

Fishos has a monthly gig called Saxxy Sundays (first Sunday of the month) which features DJs and a live saxophonist. This month’s DJ is The Potbelleez’s Jonny Sonic. Easter Saturday sees McKenzie take to the stage and Gold Coast Music Awards Artist of the Year (2016) and finalists for 2017, Hussy Hicks will play 30 April for a long weekend session of epic proportions.

Hussy Hicks’ Julz Parker says she’s excited to play the venue.

“I used to play there as a teenager with Local Duo ‘Double Shuffle’ on a Saturday or Sunday arvo. It was a big part of my apprenticeship. We actually played the very last gig at the old Fisherman’s Wharf bar,” she said.

“It really is great that Gold Coast venues that have more of a walk up crowd (as opposed to a dedicated ticket buying music crowd) are realising that there is a whole swag of Gold Coast original bands who can not only bring new people to the venue but can give their regular patrons a great experience,” she said.

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Hussy Hicks play Fisherman’s Wharf 30 April. DJ Jonny Sonic (The Potbelleez) is there 2 April. Check gig guide for other listings.

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