Comedian Grant Busé set to host FIRESIDE ‘Stories in Song’ sessions at HOTA

Aussie comedian, musician, actor and MC Grant Busé has been living in London and touring internationally with his unique brand of musical comedy. Audiences have been lapping up his cheeky antics, clever songwriting and razor-sharp wit, resulting in sold-out shows and critical acclaim.

When COVID-19 hit, Grant made his way back to Queensland for what he says was his unplanned extended homecoming tour. Now post-lockdown he is pumped and looking forward to his first Australian gig as the host of the two FIRESIDE: Live Lounge ‘Stories in Song’ sessions at HOTA in July and August.

We thought we would catch up with Grant for a quick chat ahead of the FIRESIDE sessions to get to know him a little more and see what he has been up to since returning home.


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into musical comedy?

I took one of those career tests at school and it said I’d make a good Barrister.  After a few years making subpar coffee, becoming a comedian was the natural progression.

You have toured extensively overseas with your original comedy music show and were placed in the top 10 must see comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Do you have a favourite show that you have performed and if so why that one?   

When I was living in the UK, I would often pop over to Europe to perform as much as possible.  My first European gig was a sold-out night in Bucharest. I was an Australian headlining a British comedy night in Romania with a  half-full crowd of Americans.  It was really one of those ‘what has my life become’ moments.

Some people may not be familiar with your style of musical comedy and I wondered if you may have any thoughts about musical comedy vs stand up?

Well I do a combination of both. Music and laughter have been bringing people together forever. It just always made sense to me to combine the two.

What is your relationship to the Gold Coast?

I grew up in Brissy and spent all my family holidays at the Goldy on the beach or at a theme park. After living in London for the last few years, it’s nice to be reacquainted with my good old friend – the sun.

You are normally located in London and are now back in Australia unexpectedly due to COVID-19. What have you been up to since being back home?

Apart from crying into an empty wallet? Well… I’ve been doing some writing and producing some music videos. Until venues open again I’ve been working as a disability carer which brings me down to the Gold Coast every week to visit clients.

You are going to be hosting the two FIRESIDE: Live Lounge ‘Stories in Song’ sessions at HOTA in July and August. How are you feeling about being back in the hot seat? 

Really excited about hosting. First gig back from lockdown and first gig back in Australia! We have all needed a laugh at this time and I hope to bring the funny.

The ‘Stories in Song’ sessions will be hosted by Grant Busé and presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, Blank GC and Gold Coast Music Awards.

Held in conversation style, Grant will be taking with the artists about the stories behind their songs and then a live set by each artist will follow.  Black Rabbit George and Felicity Lawless will perform on Sunday 12 July and Eddie Ray and The Oogars will perform on Sunday 2 August. The sessions will be held in the Lakeside rooms at HOTA, doors open at 2 pm, food service is from 2.30 pm and the event begins at 3 pm.

To book your table and to view the full FIRESIDE program of events, please visit the HOTA website.


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