Film Review: The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy

Chills… spine-tingling icy chills run up your back, through your neck and into that pulp called a brain as you sit shivering in the coldest film you’re ever likely see!

Backing up last year’s Oscar-winning Birdman, Alejandro G. Iñárritu comes out swinging once again with a heart-wrenching true story that’ll leave you breathless with all its beauty.

Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), alongside his half-Pawnee son, Hawk, are 1823 frontiersmen leading a company of seasoned fur trappers in the desolate snow-covered wilderness of Montana and South Dakota.

Ruthlessly attacked by Arikara natives, the company is decimated with only a handful of men surviving to traverse the treacherous wilderness landscapes in order to reach far-off safety of a fortified base camp.

For Glass, emotion drips raw with rage, as the savagery of the human condition growls in his struggle to survive.

For others, treachery and moral decay take deep root, with the race for survival hinging not only on escape from foreign dangers, but escape from Glass himself – hell bent on revenge for betrayals inescapable of forgiveness.

The Revenant is visceral and thought provoking in all its sensory perceptions, as sound and sight seamlessly converge into one. You’ll wince, squirm, and clutch the arms of your chair as you vividly transport to faraway lands filled with grave danger and ice-laden horror.

Iñárritu’s unique camera sorcery encapsulates that rare glimpse into second person narrative as you too traverse frigid landscapes, becoming entangled in all the thrills and horrors of onscreen happenings.

If this film is any indication of the calibre to expect this year, I cannot wait to be wowed and dazzled time and time again.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu, you certainly warmed my hearth with this chilling true tale of frozen adventure!

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