Film review: Rocketman

Sir Elton John, an inspiration to many. A man whose melodies have become the soundtracks to our lives. An honest, eccentric, oddity with all the attitude and talent of a real rock n’ roll phenomenon.

Dexter Fletcher’s ‘Rocketman’ is a tale of drugs, sex and salvation. A musical epic, showcasing the star power of audacious duo Bernie Turpin and Elton John. Stars Taron Edgerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard, Mathew Illesley, Kit Conner and Steven Mackintosh relive the journey of a star on the rise and how that star became one of the world’s fiercest figures in music history.

Edgerton stuns with his embodiment of Elton John. He’s magnetism personified, genuine in the extreme and everything from the vocals, to the tensing of his jaw, screams Elton. Kris Conner and Mathew Illesley play younger versions of Elton and though their parts are small, their quality performances speak for themselves. Jamie Bell is a subdued kind of cool as Bernie Turpin, showing us the poet behind the boa feathers. Richard Madden is razor sharp in both dress and tongue as John Reid. Bryce Dallas Howard and Steven Macintosh’s performances as Elton’s parents are compelling.

The talent from both crew and cast shines, alongside a lively  palette which adds exciting colour to the song and dance numbers. A well-paced composition and superb costume design, coupled with an unbeatable soundtrack, births this bedazzled biopic that delivers on all fronts.

An unflinching, unapologetic, celebration of life, legend and being loved for who you are. ‘Rocketman’ is in cinemas now.

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