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With the 4th anniversary of iconic jazz singer Amy Winehouse’ passing, the Gold Coast Arts Centre will host the premiere: Amy, an in-depth documentary on the life and times of the much revered musical genius who stole our hearts in more ways than one.

Brutally honest and completely exposed, Amy pounds like a sledgehammer to the chest, breaking down all misconceptions of the press-hounded star.

Best known for her soul-melting contralto voice, Amy’s self-penned lyrical poetry unabashedly reflected an extremely troubled personal life, gradually down-spiraling in a whirlpool of drug and alcohol abuse to a fateful end.

In this propped-up age of celebrity currency, where people seek self-worth in trending trash, Amy reveals the inner turmoil of an artist who couldn’t be more opposed to fame and fortune if she tried.   More content in quiet jazz lounges compared to overloaded stadium festivals, the real problem for Amy Winehouse was that her extreme talent simply wouldn’t allow her to escape the limelight unscathed.

Like a rollercoaster of raw emotion, Amy has that imminent sense of foreboding as you realise that this story doesn’t end with a “happily ever after”.

Staring Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Mos Def and more, wonderfully directed and pieced together by Asif Kapadia, best known for his award-winning documentary Senna, we see the honest life of Amy Winehouse exposed with raw personal footage guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again with the big-haired British girl with a whole lotta moxie!

With genuine feeling I recommend Amy as a must-see film for anyone with a heartbeat. Tragically beautiful and sound-tracked to perfection, be prepared for swollen eyes and a runny nose as you relive the triumph and tragedy of a talent lost well before her time.

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Relive the memories and genius of Amy Winehouse, July 23rd at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

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