Festival run continues for Tijuana Cartel

Paul George has been busy. It’s taken us ten days to actually catch up by phone. When we do connect he rattles off a list of festivals they’ve recently played and the list they’ve got on the radar. Suffice to say, it’s a big list.

Next month they’re off to Bello Winter Music Festival – the sister event of Mullum Music Festival – following a similar format of using existing town infrastructure and youth mentorships, amongst other things.

“It’s the end of our album tour,” Paul said. “We’ve been playing nearly everywhere around Australia.”

Woodford was a highlight. “We played five nights in a row, most of them pretty late shows, like 1.00am in the morning.”

It seems to me like Bello will be the exact opposite in terms of climate. Paul agrees.

“We haven’t actually done Bello before. We used to do Bellingen World Music Festival but this is a new one for us. I imagine it’s going to be pretty chilly, but that’s OK, we’re going to have hot music to warm everyone up.”

It’s not the only festival on Tijuana Cartel’s list for coming months. A little closer to home the lads are headed for their first ever appearance at Logan.

“LEAF (Logan Eco Action Festival) – it’s an environmental awareness one,” Paul explained. “It’s a really cool festival as well.”

The festival marks World Environment Day and is held at Griffith University’s Logan Campus. Paul said the band was looking forward to being there.

“Particularly in this day and age, the environment is pretty important,” he said.

“Before it all blows up in our face we should pay attention to it while we can.”

“There’s not much we can do with music sometimes, we’re not skilled climate scientistsor anything, but it’s cool to support the movement in our own way.”

Paul said they were pleased to be back on the festival run and that last year’s release of Psychedelicatessen helped that happen.

“Obviously people liked it and it did get us back into that touring scene,” he said.  “Those big festivals like Falls and Woodford were off the back of that album.”

So, a hundred festivals and then what? Paul said he and Carey O’Sullivan have only just started talking about that.

“We’re just getting to that point where we’ll start writing new music – we’ve all got our little side projects that we’re doing, but we’re getting to the point where we’re ready to start writing.”

“That album took so much effort and it’s hard to think about doing it again.”

“Carey and I are like an old married couple and it gets pretty intense towards the end of the recording process. It’s just been long enough now for us to start forgetting about how hard it was and to focus again.”

_ _ _

Tijuana Cartel hit Logan Eco Action Festival on 5 June and then Bello Winter Music Festival which runs 7 – 10 July. Joining them on the Bello lineup are Jeff Lang, Mojo Juju, Allensworth, Sahara Beck, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Tora and Gold Coasters Stav, Bobby Alu and Claire Anne Taylor. More at bellowintermusic.com.




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