Felicity Lawless And Black Rabbit George Collaborate For Special Performance At HOTA

When it comes to Gold Coast music there’s not too many names that garner more respect and reverence than esteemed troubadours Felicity Lawless and Paul George (aka Black Rabbit George).

Felicity is renowned for her flawless solo repertoire combining rock, folk and world music elements, while Paul has forged an enviable reputation as one half of world music infused dance-electro legends Tijuan Cartel, as well as performing his own roots-world-electro hybrid under the Black Rabbit George moniker.

And on Friday, 20 August they’ll be bringing their combined song writing and guitar playing pedigree to the cosy confines of the HOTA basement for a special collaborative performance.

In the lead up to this unique and highly anticipated show we had a chat with Felicity to discover, amongst other things, how the collaboration came about and what they have in store for the night.

What was the catalyst for sharing a stage and collaborating in the live realm for this upcoming show at HOTA? And what’s the rehearsal process been like in the lead up?

About a year ago, someone asked if we could play a show together for their concert series. Over the years we have shared many bills and often jammed, but never formally prepared anything. We both share a passion for world music, specifically with flavours of Spanish and Latin guitar, and both would prefer to spend hours tucked away in our caves with our guitars more than anything else. So basically, it is a match made in musical heaven. Inspiring each other to greater musical heights, our rehearsal process is something like: “I’ve just discovered this amazing thing/technique/piece… let’s do something with it.” We like to send each other our inspirations and then come together and weave them together. The music for our collaborative show is the sum total of all our favourite acoustic music fused.

What sort of a song list have you put together for the show – will you take turns at fleshing out each other’s songs or are there brand-new songs in the works?

We add our unique flavours to a couple of each other’s songs, we do a bunch of live jams over some of our favourite progressions, throw in some traditional flamenco and then we pepper it with some classical masterpieces by greats such as Tarrega, Sabicas and others. We have also composed a couple of new songs together, which are my favourites.

Do you have any plans to get in the studio and record together, or will this be a strictly live collaboration?

We have done a couple of shows together now and have recorded one of our new collaborative songs “Aftermath”. We are currently recording the second song we have written together and there is an album of guitar music which will be ready for release by the end of this year.

What’s on your agenda, musically speaking, for the remainder of the year (collaborative or otherwise)?

We have a couple of shows booked together: September 5 at the Solbar and September 9 opening Swell Sculpture Festival at the Soundlounge. We will also probably play at the Sheoak Shack together again and do a few Byron/Northern Rivers shows and some other Sunny Coast shows later in the year. I have a bunch of solo, duo and band shows for the rest of the year on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers and have also been collaborating with a range of musicians for a bunch of boutique shows and Black Rabbit will be rocking a bunch of Tijuana Cartel shows as well as solo shows until the end of the year. Music Music Music, more recording and joy everywhere!!

Felicity Lawless and Black Rabbit George will be sharing the joy and sharing the stage for this first time at the HOTA Basement this Friday, 20 August. And keep an eye out for their upcoming other shows at Solbar and The Soundlounge in September.

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