Farm2Market is launching on the Gold Coast

Farm2Market, launching soon on the Gold Coast, is a fresh grocery delivery service that provides farmers with a reliable way to market and sell their produce as well as supplying customers with local groceries and giving them the real farm-fresh fruit and veg experience. We talked to founder, Jordan Pearce, to learn more about what inspired him to create Farm2Market. 

What motivated you to start this business? 

In my late twenties I started noticing a big difference between the fresh produce I was eating at our family farm and what I was able to purchase from the larger supermarket chains. On the farm the apples were crisp, tomatoes bursting with flavour and the oranges sweet, juicy and tangy. I know they weren’t doing anything special on the farm, just planting, watering and watching them grow. I did some research to find out what the supermarkets were doing differently and the only thing I could find was that they were ‘cold storing’ the produce for a long time, up to eight months for some produce. I thought, this can’t be right, the fresh food would be rotten if it stayed in a fridge for eight months and there would be no nutritious value in eating an apple that old.

I started shopping at local farmers markets for our fresh produce.

The trigger that gave me the idea to set up Farm2Market was only being able to access produce from our local farmers between 7am and 12pm on a Saturday or Sunday. If I wasn’t able to make it over the weekend, it was near impossible to source good local produce through the week.

The final trigger and what pushed me into action was the ‘milk price war’ that was initiated by the large supermarket chains in 2011 and the negative effect it had on dairy farmers businesses and their family’s lives.

I felt like I had to do something that allowed consumers to source amazing, farm fresh produce and support our local producers and hardworking farmers.

Who are you hoping will benefit from this service?

Anyone who prefers fresh, and I mean genuinely ‘fresh’, local, seasonal produce sourced directly from the farmer, producer or cooperative. Traceability is the cornerstone of our marketplace, consumers know exactly where their products and food are produced. Where possible, cutting down on ‘food miles’ and giving more of the profits back to our farmers.

How do you see Farm2Market developing in the future?

We look forward to more farmers and producers joining Farm2Market, initially focussing on city centres. We will continue adding more features to the platform to support the business practices of our farmer, so they can focus on what they do best – creating amazing produce for us to eat. 

To learn more about Farm2Market or get involved yourself, visit

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