Falls Festival Food – What we recommend

After a full day of music and heavy anticipation for the New Years countdown tonight, our team can safely recommend the best food available for all the Falls goers that is both great in taste and $$$.

Breakfast – Six Blue Ducks.
The healthy option is always best, unless you feel like Mexican. The muesli/yoghurt/berries/nuts combination for $10 was delicious and definitely filling. Featuring vegan options and delicious juices/water, you simply cannot pass up this great food/drink option.

Breakfast – Tasmanian Gourmet Foods
The bacon and egg + hollandaise sauce rolls. That’s all we need to say.

Lunch/Dinner (Or breakfast if you’re crazy like us) – Chilli Sisters
Nachos, Burritos, and all things mexican. The food is absolutely incredible. The nachos are so good that we decided to have them for breakfast and throw the standard breakfast concept out the window for solid $10. Three hours later and I’m still full! The pork belly burrito was my favourite pick of Day 1, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone down here with me!

Lunch/Dinner – The ‘Real’ Souvlaki
Boy oh Boy. This was my dinner last night, and the food was superb. The meat was tender, and the souvlaki wrap was filled with an assortment of food that came together to form an incredible dinner. This meal rung in at around $12. Definitely try the chips, they are great.

Any Time Of The Day – The Mist Tunnel
Why would I include the mist tunnel in a list of food? Well, that is simply because the festival is so hot, and cooling yourself is just as essential as food. Rejoice in the mist and appreciate the cool breeze afterwards.

There you have it! Those were our favourite food haunts, and we hope to see you there before the end of the festival!

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