Falls Festival Day 1: DZ Deathrays Tear Open a Sandstorm

A career defining set. That’s what this Byron Bay received from the last minute addition of Brisbane’s DZ Deathrays. With perfected timing up their sleeves – having just snagged their second ARIA and returned home from another worldwide stint – the boys were ready to power up the sleepless Falls Festival atmosphere.

Each and every time DZ return for an Australian festival slot they bring something different and explosive to the table – and Falls is clearly no exception. Take Splendour in the Grass earlier in the year, the added pyrotechnics to ‘Gina Works at Hearts’ fermented the fact that these boys can rock in levels previously seen in glam rock days. Now, a few months later, DZ Deathrays take a visual approach to their set adding blurred and almost psychic interpretations of their Black Rat album art to the big screen positioned behind them. Interchanging between swirling black and whites to DZ Deathrays pictured high above. In another set of first’s for the band, their strangely, and violently, tore open a cover of Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’. Yes, that’s more than correct. The thrashy reinterpretation may have taken the crowd a few moments to understand it but it more than easily kicked up a sandstorm of its own once it connected.


Their guitar tones were as punchy, visceral and electric as ever before. Their stage chemistry was know two-fold with the added touring guitarist to beef up the thrash. And DZ Dethrays finally got to start a heavy disco with the Forest Stage’s enormous disco ball reflecting and strobing through their set. The final destruction of ‘Gina Works at Hearts’ was to be expected, but come their next Australian tour in early 2015, it’s going to be very tough to top what they’ve achieved at Falls Festival.

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