Falls Festival, Byron Bay: Live review and gallery | Day 2 | 1 January 2019

Today was the busiest day for the photogs – three song pit rule, multiple crossovers of must-see acts, 10 minutes to leg it from the stage at one perimeter to the other. Brutal planning and staying doggedly to the left sporting a slight air of menace meant we achieved almost everything. Standouts were West Thebarton with at least 7 people on stage, two percussion sets, mid song guitar swapping, sweaty leaps and a strong crowd. Ruel at the Forest stage also packed them in – a great feeling for a youngster mature beyond his years. A lot of the crowd stuck around for hot rapper – the self proclaimed Prime Minister Briggs. Sass aplenty, social commentary-filled lyrics and tonnes of pulling power really hotted up the afternoon. If you haven’t seen the ‘Briggs in a Boat with Bandt’ video, do yourself a favour. Finishing the night with The Hilltop Hoods atop the hills of the Valley Stage was just perfect and they absolutely smashed it with energy and professionalism plus undoubted party vibes. Close to the end of the night was Golden Features whose hypnotic beats collectively lost the minds of the huge crowd. It was truly brilliant.

Five Things to Love: NY’s Day at Falls

  • Plastic bottle ban
  • Staying offsite (#feelingfresh)
  • Bio glitter
  • A trio of rainbow haired, tartan dressed, long white sock wearing crossdressers. Falls never disappoints.
  • Slow moving youth with hangovers equals an easier duck and weave (and whoever invented the Berocca slushie – slow clap for you my friend).
  • The Hilltop Hoods who got us all moving again. They were blown away by the crowd and vice versa.
  • Amusing food callers: ‘Fraser’ lost his eftpos card. They called him to ‘come get it quick before we spend your shit’.
  • The variety of messages on the Festival Facey page including two for locksmiths – ‘quite urgently’.

IMAGES (c) NJA Photography

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