Falls Festival 2019: The Flash on Falls

Not only did we enjoy the plethora of kick-ass music at Falls Festival this year ( Yes! so much from Yungblud and Crooked Colours to Disclosure and Vampire Weekend)  we made a list of the crowd’s penchant for the following.

  • Twin Set Co – Ord’s outfits ( If you are loving a good pattern, We know you all are. Who does not love a pattern? Think avocado’s, watermelon slices, flamingo’s. )
  • Coloured lenses ( Life is just better through rose coloured glasses )
  • Statement Body Harnesses – think harness garters and chap style leathers.  Apply and reapply that sunscreen people
  • Coloured jumbo braid extensions – now that is the way to keep tidy camping festival hair
  • Oversized Fishnets Tights – apply sunscreen before stepping in
  • White Cowgirl ankle boots – throwback to the 70’s
  • Fashionable coveralls
  • Men in Unisex overalls in an array of colours
  • Mesh over dresses
  • Fringing
  • Metallics
  • Retro looks
  • Sequins
  • Bum Bags – All hail the bumbag
  • A kaleidoscope of shades
  • Doc Martins  – so much yes to this
  • Glitter – oh the glitter

Crowd standouts this year where without a doubt:

  • The vertical shoulder stand.  No not the Yoga type.  Instead of sitting on anothers shoulders in a mosh, this was a whole other level of acrobatic skill.  Feet on shoulders and balancing standing tall.  Dudes and chicks doing it.  Respect.
  • The calls of the wild.  Like an old fashioned Aussie Koo-Wee to find another person, but with a select animal sound for their specific groups.


All in all well played Falls Folk.


Images (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

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