Faces of the Gold Coast: The Genez

Celebrating our people because people matter!

Music begs you to notice it. I wonder why. Perhaps it’s the world shouting at us, revealing something intrinsically glorious about itself. In any case, for all the tabs open in our brains these days, it’s a sweet thing to power them down for a while and be attentive to feel the explosive power of a musician’s soul.

Meet Georgia and Will. Together, this brother and sister duo are known as The Genez. They’re young and inspiring creatives who aren’t quite sure where the path is leading but they follow adventure anyway. You will normally find them busking at shopping centres and markets all over the GC however online live performances now seem to be the go. They shared:

“We’ve been surrounded by music all our lives. We love it so it has been a pretty natural progression to play together. We write original songs and it’s a pretty ‘soulful’ style so the dream is definitely to record an EP someday.

“Yeah, to release music and have people enjoy it is the ultimate. We’re so inspired by the poetry of lyrics and it really is a privilege to perform. There’s nothing like the feeling you have when you get over your nerves and can just enjoy the experience.

“It’s not always easy though. Busking can be a tough gig at times but we just ignore any negative feelings that creep in sometimes. Who knows where we will end up in the future. We just intend to go with it and see where it takes us”.

Thanks so much guys.  Keep creating. Keep dreaming. Don’t give up on the tough days. The Gold Coast is behind you. Perhaps it’s because somewhere inside us all, if we lean in, we resonate deeply with the words of Heinrich Heine… “Where words leave off, music begins” and there’s nothing more soulful than that!

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