Faces of the Gold Coast: Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

Celebrating our people because people matter!

Here’s to dreams in action, especially when they’re bursting from the hidden streets of a GC industrial estate that may not have warranted a second look before these legends arrived!

The creative music hub known as Mo’s Desert Clubhouse is the brainchild of Kimberly, Christian and Emelia, three friends who met in the US. Not long after, they decided to craft a vision right here on the GC. We met up at the Burleigh hub. They shared:

“The American desert inspired us creatively. It was amazing to witness creatives in the Burning Man context. We came back and originally wanted a space to work, create and collaborate with other people but it is has grown into a creative warehouse with multiple spaces for performances, live streaming, vodcasts and jam sessions.

“Mo’s is short for the Mojave Desert because that’s where we met but I think he’s more… he can be whoever you want him to be, maybe the last man standing at every party?! The term clubhouse came from our want to make a safehouse, a home for creatives. They’re doing it tough. We wanted a space that was good quality with affordable rates to support the industry.

“We have to collaborate with others to get through so that’s why we have gigs in conjunction with other locals because we can all support each other. Covid has hit the arts. It forced us to regroup. We’ve done some renos and were lucky to receive grants; one from Arts Qld to assist with our podcast room and also Regional Arts to set up desertTV for live streaming.

“Our dreams? Definitely to continue to evolve. To grow from a storage shed to this with a limited budget blows our minds.  We have a really loyal crew. It’s special and we never want to lose that”.

Thanks guys. You make our GC brighter and we love you for it. Perhaps sometimes you just need walk on the opposite side of the street and notice things to see your town in new and sweet ways. This is what happens when we dare to colour outside the lines of the glitter strip. Did you know there’s a whole heart out there and its local beat is loud and wild and quirky if you lean in and listen?

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