Faces of the Gold Coast: Jade Soul

Faces of the Gold Coast is a local social media enterprise run by mother-daughter team Anne and Alli. Together these passionate creatives interview, photograph and get right to the heart of artists, movers and shakers and members of the Gold Coast community, all in the name of celebrating our people.

APRIL EDITION: Jade Soul, Musician

When she’s not busy writing lyrics or being a disability support worker, you will find Jade on the local GC music scene playing gigs at The Dust Temple, Miami Marketta or Freemans Organic Farm to name just a few.

We recently asked her about her artistic practice. She shared…

“I think being an artist has just been an extension of the way I see the world and how I experience it.

“I’ve always resonated with nature and creativity. I’ve grown up in the Hinterland here in a natural setting and it’s had a big impact on me… how I create and how I ‘do’ music. It’s helped me get in touch with my innate artist, I think.

“I write about human experience and express my internal journey which people seem to relate to.  A lot of my music is about giving people that sense of understanding and that somebody sees them.

“At heart though, I’m a humanitarian and I just want to make a meaningful contribution to this world through my music and help to inspire others. I write and perform my own original music at gigs around the coast but during COVID I’ve taken the time to just reassess and hold space. That’s kinda beautiful in its own way too even though it’s been tough.

“My dream? I would love to expand on my music, maybe have a band and share it with the world. At the same time though, I want to let go of all expectations and focus on the love of music and why I do it. I truly believe everything has its own right time but I definitely hope to reach a more global audience”.

We just love it when we meet a musical earth angel and realise it. There seems to have been so much focus on the bee stinging, road raging, soul crushing-ness of the past twelve months that if we’re not careful, we’ll miss the good stuff.

Without doubt, human spirit reigns and perhaps it will be the sparkly eyes and the smiles that go a long way towards keeping our hope pliable. Here’s to believing we’re brave enough to hit the refresh button every once in a while so we can be attentive to the goodness… and always, always lean in and listen.

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