Logan roasters serve up coffee with a side of social consciousness

Driving down the Pacific Highway slip road in Slacks Creek, you wouldn’t expect to find a bustling café tucked down a quiet laneway.

This is Extraction Artisan Coffee, a hidden gem in Logan City, bringing high-quality food and delicious coffee to the table, seven days a week.

After throwing open the doors to Extraction Coffee back in April 2016, owners Alex Milosevic and his partner Heather wanted to create a café in Logan that didn’t just produce good coffee, but high-quality food as well.

Before opening Extraction Artisan Coffee, Alex worked in the silk industry and then went on to learning about and roasting beans. Alex fell in love with coffee all over again, and this experience is the reason why the team roasts their beans onsite.

But this is the tip of the iceberg of Extraction Artisan Coffee. On the outside, we see a lively café with friendly staff and high-quality food. Behind the scenes are Alex and his team are bringing positive impacts to the local community and outside of Australia, too.

“These are the things that fuel us. Having these great businesses in Logan that we work and operate with and want to see thrive,” says Alex.

We don’t want to just be talking about doing stuff – we want to see outcomes.

Extraction Artisan Coffee has worked with numerous organisations within and across the world. Their work ensures your next cup of coffee is giving back to the farmers who grow the beans, our local farmers who produce the milk and, local businesses who supply fresh and high quality to your plate.

Extraction Artisan Coffee also works alongside community organisations, such as Yourtown and the overseas educarecoffee.

“We’re not just a café in the middle of Logan. We really take responsibility for everything we do, and as individuals, we have a direct effect on everything that happens in the world,” explains Alex.

“All it takes is one person to do one small thing, it starts off as a ripple and then it eventually turns into a wave.

“Why does Extraction pay more for produce? Cause there’s a bigger picture. It’s not just about me being ‘fancypants,’ serving high end products. It’s about serving a quality product that actually benefits not just the customer but the person I bought it from.

“We pay a premium for what they do, and the customer can taste the effort, and the love farmers put into their food and community.”

And this is just the beginning, says Alex. The team is looking forward to progressing further in the future, working with local businesses, selling their coffee in bulk, and training other businesses to provide high-quality coffee.

For more, visit extractionartisancoffee.com.au.

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