Exclusive video premiere: Fall in Line | Johan Danno

Johan Danno has just returned to the Gold Coast from the USA. He released single Fall In Line before his trip, but this week launches the video – which is stunning, by the way.

2016 was a big year for the young singer songwriter, touring the USA and playing shows in its iconic cities and towns, including Hawaii.

“What you quickly realise is that no matter what you are doing locally with your music, when you’re trying to get into very competitive music cities on the other side of the world to play, it’s truly a lot of work mixed with luck and resourcefulness to get shows booked,” he told Blank Gold Coast.

“You’ve got to start working on introductions and putting a game plan together months before you arrive in each location.”

Watch video for Fall in Line here and then read on:

Johan gives an example from South Boston where some friends helped him score a gig in exchange for food and drinks. But after his set they paid him to keep playing which meant he scored a gig the next day for the VP of Wikipedia in New York City.

“You get lucky breaks when you put yourself out there and really give your all I have found,” he said.

Johann worked with Hollywood legend Ken Twohy to produce the video which was recorded over two days around Miami and North Burleigh. You’ll see some familiar locations in the clip, including Paddock Bakery, Bond University and Cambus Wallace.

The clip will be launched at Apres Surf on Wednesday 25 January.

“As the recording the music video involved a tonne of people and businesses locally, I wanted to throw a party to say thank you to everyone involved,” Johan told Blank Gold Coast.

The launch is free and takes place from 7.00pm with the video to be screened at 8.00pm.

You can also catch Johan Danno alongside Joshy Dredz most Thursday nights at O’Malley’s in Surfers Paradise where guest artists (like Katie Who, Crown The Humble and Salt and Steel) regularly join the show.

Stay up to date at johandanno.com.

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Fall In Line video launch, Wednesdasy 25 January
Apres Surf, Mermaid Beach

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