Eumundi Live – Winter Sun Festival

Since late last year, Eumundi’s community amphitheatre has been transformed from a scarcely used glorified garden ornament, to the bustling hive of the Eumundi Live music festival.

Eumundi Live was originally held once a month, but is now a seasonal festival held every three months to usher in the new season. With indie pop delicacies, a big ole’ bag of money for charity the festival garners a great sense of community.

”There is a fantastic amphitheatre in town that very rarely gets used. So we’ve [Anthony and his wife] been living here for about 5 years, and about a year ago we thought; well it’s about time someone used that amphitheatre for what it was designed to do,” says Eumundi Live Founder and Organiser Anthony Wynee-Hoelscher.

Since Anthony and his wife took it upon themselves to actually use the community amphitheatre, it has hosted four Eumundi Live music festivals and the upcoming Winter Sun festival at the end of June is set to be the biggest so far.

”Eumundi is a beautiful little hamlet that’s very much got its heart in the arts and music and cultural pursuits,” Anthony says.

With profits made from the festival going to three local charities in Eumundi, the town definitely has its heart in the right place.

June 29th is the big day for the Eumundi Live – Winter Sun festival, with a line up set to impress. Tanya Batt, Elliot the Bull (pictured), His Merry Men and Mustered Courage are just some of the big Aussie acts to hit the modest stage of the Eumundi Amphitheatre.

”I’ve never even been to Eumundi! I am so beyond excited!! It’s going to be amazing, it will be my fifth show in a row, so I can imagine I’ll be running off pure adrenalin by this stage and it will be such great vibes there,” says Melbourne songstress Tanya Batt.

Tanya Batt is currently touring with alternative four-piece band Elliot the Bull. The two acts are set to grace the Eumundi stage at the end of the tour. After that Tanya plans to buckle down.

“I’ll be saying goodbye to my social life for a bit. I have a lot of writing to do, I mean I’ve been writing non-stop lately, but I need to finish the potential singles and the rest of the EP.”

Anthony is hoping that the line up for the Winter Sun festival will bring crowds of about 700 people. The Eumundi Amphitheatre is able to hold a bit more than 700, but Anthony isn’t trying to grow this community festival into another BDO or Bonnaroo.

“It’s not like Big Day Out where you might get 25,000 people, it’s completely the reverse to that; it’s still a festival, but I call it a boutique festival.”

Maybe the small town of Eumundi can’t use their beaded jewellery and mystical palm reading stalls to attract Coachella-sized crowds, however, they can attract great live music and a beautiful sense of community.


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The all-ages event is held on 29 June at the Eumundi Amphitheatre. Tickets are $22.50 for general admission and $16.50 for concession.

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