Getting Friendly With Erin Foster

Indie bedroom-pop practitioner Erin Foster has swiftly followed up on her recent collaboration with Ashley Martin (of Eliza And The Delusionals fame), delivering a moody, electro-pop gem in the form of her brand new single, ‘Friends’. Once again coming to fruition in Erin’s home studio, the track taps into a heartfelt emotional vulnerability cocooned within a dreamy, synth driven soundscape.

We recently chatted with Erin to gain an insight into her creative muse and where she’s headed.

Your latest single ‘Friends’ follows on from your collaboration with Ashley Martin from Eliza & The Delusionals on your last track ‘Sometimes’. Do you prefer producing on your own or working with others?

‘Friends’ has actually been about two years in the making and I’m super proud to finally get it out. The lyrics are a bit darker than usual. They represent a certain time in my life and a common anxiety – longing to fit in and be accepted. It’s also a good example of my self-production. For me being an indie artist means finding ways to get stuff done. Maybe I’m just pedantic but I feel a strong need to control all aspects of my music, from the production through to the aesthetics of a release. In the past, when I haven’t had total creative control, I’ve found myself feeling disappointed and disingenuous.

In saying that, I still love working with others. Recently I’ve teamed up with some incredible musicians and gotten exceptional results, like when I worked with Ashley Martin (Eliza & The Delusionals) on ‘Sometimes (Alternative Version)’. Ashley is an absolute master of his craft and the whole collaboration came to fruition quite naturally. I really wanted to add guitars to the track but not distorted rock guitars. It had to be consistent with my soundscape and Ashley knew how to achieve what I envisaged. Recently I also completed a new song with the iconic Matt McGuffie (Ivey) and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

You’ve been quite active from a writing and recording perspective lately. Has this been a by-product of the current COVID climate (and its associated impacts on other performance aspects)? And do you have more new music in the pipeline over the coming few months?

Like all artists, COVID had a huge impact on me. I was scheduled to play at some festivals which were all cancelled. I also worked part-time in a music studio which had to close doors and I lost my job. It’s been heartbreaking to watch the music industry suffer like this. An upside to my newfound unemployment is that I get to spend all day in my home studio working on my music and I’ve accomplished more than ever. My latest track ‘Friends’ is out on October 1 and I’ll be following up with more singles before the end of year, including a refreshingly lightheaded Summer pop bop written with Matt McGuffie in November.

You’ve been involved with the music industry for a while but have only recently started releasing music under your own name. Are you enjoying the artistic freedom that this entails, and where do you envisage you’ll head with things, musically speaking, in the future?

I started releasing music when I was 16, which found me on this never-ending trajectory of artistic development and self-improvement. It’s funny when I get introduced as a new artist because I’ve been hanging out on the sidelines for ages doing my own thing. I’ve released music under various monikers over the years, most recently as Karamilk. Irrespective of my performance name though, I just love music. All things music. I am very committed to my self-sufficient ethos, which like all good things comes at a price, because I am self-funded. In the immediate future I can’t wait to get back to doing shows and I’m planning to drop a bunch of tour dates the moment the borders allow it.

Erin Foster’s captivating new single, ‘Friends’, is out now. Check it out right here.

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