EP review: Wren Klauf | Gawk

Gawk is the second EP for Wren Klauf and it sees them solidifying their signature sound with a wide range of vocal and guitar tones that sound like they’ve been plucked from the 90s.

Their psychedelic style is almost enchanting and with the EP being tailor made as an audio, visual and wearable collaboration between Wren Klauf and visual artist Kiah the Label (KTL) this project goes deeper than just tunes.

lead track on Gawk, Okay, takes you on a wild ride filled with guitar tones and catchy lyrics and Cartwheels starts with a soft keyboard intro, then rips into a chorus that is certified to blow hats off.  Phosphorescent showcases the variety of vocal talents Wren Klauf have to offer with a call and response between  high and low voices and a highlight of sudden tempo switch that catches you completely off guard. The final track Spellbound is loaded with echoing vocals and reverb which showcasing psychedelic elements entwined in their music

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