EP Review: Julia Rose | Romeo

From the opening notes of the country style guitar and weeping violins of the title track, Julia Rose’s Romeo EP will take you on a musical journey told through a soundscape of ambient beats and production reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die album.

Though her press kit describes her music as baroque folk, there is no harpsichord or period piece lyrics to be found here as such a description would suggest. Instead, the listener is guided through 21 minutes of chilled music telling lyrical tales of love won and lost through atmospheric beats, surf guitars and melancholy strings, all while Julia handles both vocal and bass guitar duties.

Julia’s vocals effortlessly glide into head voice on many of the tracks that are held down by her melodic bass playing which is particularly evident on the track I Remember, while guitarist Felicity Lawless fills the gaps with guitar licks that conjure images from a classic spaghetti western film from days of yore over a reggae groove on the track Hell n Back.

Come What May and its reverb drenched, ambient beats are punctuated by sparse piano and guitars with a rockabilly twang that introduce the chorus.

The EP was a crowdfunded effort with local producer Guy Cooper overseeing the production and mixing of the record.

Overall, Julia Rose’s Romeo EP is more than worthy of a spin when the mood for some mellow listening strikes and may be just what the doctor ordered when you need to just sit back and chillax.

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