Ella Belfanti Releases Moving Single, ‘Hold You In’

Talented young songstress and guitarist Ella Belfanti has just released a subtly powerful single, ‘Hold You in’, recorded by Melbourne (and ex Gold Coast) producer George Carpenter at Studio Circuit and mastered by local guru Paul Blakey.

Ella’s guitar technique, similar in style to practitioners such as John Butler, involves her playing it on her lap and also using the instrument as a percussive force in addition to a six stringed caress.

Commencing with an ethereal wash of sound and a lilting, acoustic strum, Ella’s unique mojo soon comes to the fore, as she uses the whole of her instrument to deliver an emotive tale of clinging onto a love that can no longer be. In the words of Ella; “I wrote ‘Hold You In’ after my first ever relationship came to an end. It’s about knowing that you need to let something go, but wanting to hold onto it anyway, even though you know it’s not right for you.”

Her voice delivers a warmth and richness of timbre which transcends her twenty-one years and immediately connects with the listener on a profound and personal level. The track ebbs and flows, from hushed to insistent as she lays her heart bare in lines such as: “I was wishing for someone to come and prove me wrong, why won’t you prove me wrong?”

In turns cathartic and moving, the track elicits a level of depth and intimacy to match its subject matter – you can hear the scrape of the strings and feel the tap and bang of the guitar-as-percussion as Ella emotes the rawness that flowed from her within the moments of the song’s genesis.

With ‘Hold You In’, Ella Belfanti has masterfully tapped into a rich and sonically trans meditative space that swells beyond standard, one guitar, singer-songwriter fare.

And there’s plenty more strings to this talented young lasses bow, as she also works on some additional projects over the rest of the year. Says Ella of what’s coming up on the horizon: “I have two projects in the pipeline – my new band TYDE are releasing our debut single ‘Skin On Skin’ on 1 October. I wrote the song for the band (a 3-piece with myself, drums and bass), and composed the string parts too (cello and violin).

After composing those string parts, I realised I really enjoy arranging for multiple instruments, and so I’m now currently working on my next solo release – a full orchestral arrangement of one of my songs, ‘You’re Not Looking At Me’. I’ll be recording the track over November And December.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Hold You In’, Ella Belfanti  will be performing a special show at The Triffid on September 23.

You can wrap your ears around the track here.

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