Earth Frequency Festival 2018: Live review and gallery

They say that the Earth Frequency experience infects your soul, engages your mind and delights your aural spectrum, so much so that you feel the need to return year after year. I’m certainly infected! This year’s festival was my second visit to Ivory’s Rock for this unique experience. Earth Frequency Festival is focused on the development of the tribe, in every aspect. The festival organisers are a part of the tribe; their motivation and ethos is infectious. Just talk to any of the hundreds of volunteers who help staff the festival, and you’ll not hear any complaints. Everyone is made to feel welcome and a valued part of the tribe.

The camp grounds are a sight to be seen: Large camper vans with air conditioning units, old school caravans, teepee tents of all shapes and sizes, tents of varying sizes and of course tarp structures that defy laws of physics. The vibe around camp was cool, friendly and definately family-orientated even if you left your kids at home. We decided to grab one of the deluxe powered camp sites again this year, which meant we had a plan to deal with the stifling heat that can plague the region at this time of year. We weren’t the only ones armed with large fans and water misters to keep us cool during the hotter parts of the day. It seemed after last year’s intense heat that everyone had been to the hardware store to upgrade their cooling options.

This year I took the opportunity to camp with Tweed Valley Visionary Artist/ Tattooist – Rady J Blackcrab, his lovely girlfriend Bronwyn Morris (also an amazing artist) and two of Rady’s kids Art and Ashtara. Camping with kids can be hectic at times but Earth Frequency caters for the kids with their own part of the village and a safe environment for them to cruise throughout the whole festival grounds. It was Art’s last free ticket as kid and he made the most of it regularly hitting the stages with a water bottle in hand to cool those crew down that couldn’t pull themselves away from the music to chill out. Many would have agreed he was a godsend during some of the sets on the Sub Terran Stage. Ashtara, at just nine years of age, was stoked to have the freedom of her own personal dome tent and the ability to cruise with her friends from the Luminal Caravan and school friends from Mullumbimby. So camp life this year was nice and easy, we survived a couple of storms and managed to keep everyone fed and happy throughout the six days.

That brings me to the music. With 3 main stages, a festival village and smaller venues dotted around the festival site, there was plenty to see. The three Main stages – The Main Stage, The Subterran Stage and the Earth Pod, showcased so many styles of music over four days it was impossible to see everything. My approach was simple: If there was something good on the Main Stage then I had to walk past either the Subterran or the Earth Pod on my way to see what I could stumble across. My stand outs were in no particular order – OKA, Birrang Miil Mob, Jesswah, White Bear, Kayla Scintilla, Merkaba, Opio, Sun Salute, Tetrameth, Tijuana Cartel, Bullhorn, Freq Nasty, Dub Princess, Dayelle & The Substance and Delta Moontribe.

The Earth Frequency Village housed the Luminarium Gallery, Market Stalls, Food Vans, Family Realm and two venues for meditation/ yoga and a huge list of guest speakers. It was cool being able to spend time with the artists showcased in the Luminarium Gallery, whilst they were doing live painting sessions in the Village. I managed to catch a cool discussion with Visionary Artist/ Peruvian Skateboarder Chris Dyer and some health and well being discussions and a breathing class. It was very calming listening to the music performed live to accompany these sessions. And it’s definitely on my list to do more of next year.

As you all know I’m not a man of many words so I will let my images do the talking, I hope they inspire you to make the effort to visit Earth Frequency 2019.

Thanks to Paul and everyone else at Earth Frequency 2018.

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