Eagles: Live review | Brisbane Entertainment Centre | Saturday 9 March 2019

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre can pack a crowd in, but Saturday night at Eagles was next level, with astonishingly long lines waiting patiently to get in, get their drinks and merch and get to their seats in time to immerse themselves in the massive setlist pumped out by these musical veterans.

In a career spanning almost five decades, Eagles have continued to sell out venues and give their audiences stellar shows with masses of production value. Tonight was no different. As they stepped out on stage, the crowd erupted and there was no time wasted in kicking into full gear with opening song ‘Seven Bridges’. The harmonising was flawless.

The music industry was left rattled after the passing of Glenn Frey in 2016, but his son Deacon could not be more suited to standing in his place. After a brief introduction from the band, Deacon paid tribute to his father by effortlessly playing ‘Take It Easy’ and ‘One Of These Nights’ back to back. If you close your eyes when he sings, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was actually Glenn upon the stage. There could be no better replacement for such an iconic musician.

Also joining the Eagles line up for this tour is country music star Vince Gill. Throughout the night, Gill lent his vocals to most songs, but when he took the helm for ‘Take It To The Limit’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise’, he really stepped forth and made the songs his own. With driving instrumentals on ‘Slippin Away’ and ‘Those Shoes’, he really proved they were justified in making him a part of this tour. It was like having a support band and the main act all rolled into one.

This set list was massive to say the least. As we were told by Don Henley, ‘There’s two and a half hours of music tonight, why? Well, because we can’. As they gave every member of the band their chance to shine, Timothy Schmit really drove it home with ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’ before leading straight into ‘Lyin’ Eyes’. 

Walsh stood at the stage front and busted out what could possibly be one of the most iconic riffs of their entire repertoire. As the opening lines for ‘Life’s Been Good’ rang throughout the BEC, we all knew that there was about to be one hell of a sing-a-long. With Walsh demonstrating his unmistakable vocal styling, the crowd dove in head first to assist with all those little backing parts that we knew on the original recording. Straight after, ‘Boys of Summer’ brought the crowd together to try and hit the high notes (of course I don’t think any of us achieved these notes as well as Henley did).

With a trio of ‘Heartache Tonight’, ‘Funk 49’ and ‘Life In The Fastlane’ to round out the main set, the audience got to their feet and danced the rest of the night away. As we all gave this legendary band a standing ovation, it wasn’t too long before they took to the stage once more and a solo trumpeter filled the BEC with a haunting tune. The familiar acoustic guitar of ‘Hotel California’ grabbed everyone’s attention and as the percussion kicked in, the mother of all sing-a-longs began.

It wouldn’t be an Eagles concert without a second encore. With ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ and ‘Desperado’ signalling the end of the night, we all disembarked from the BEC knowing that we’d witnessed some of the greatest musicians in the world. 

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