E-waste: fastest growing waste problem

With the festive season just about here and some nifty gadget on plenty of wish lists, there’s no doubt that we are just about to see a massive influx of new technology. Smart phones might be clever, but what we do with them when they stop working needs some attention.

With an influx of new gadgets into circulation come concerns for the consequential leap in e-waste.

A study conducted by not for profit mobile phone recycler MobileMuster shows that more than 40% of Australian’s were thinking of purchasing, a new mobile over Christmas, and nearly half of all Australians are considering buying a new mobile during the summer sales.

There are fears that Australia’s current stockpile of old, unused mobile phones of 23 million is set to explode over the festive season. MobileMuster’s e-waste recycling expert Rose Read is urging all Australians to recycle their excessive e-waste safely, ethically and for free with the recycling program.

Since 1998, MobileMuster has recycled 7.79 million mobile handsets and batteries. MobileMuster is the mobile phone industry’s official product stewardship program. It’s a free mobile recycling program accepting all brands and types of phones along with their chargers, batteries and accessories.

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