Dust Temple to livestream their first exhibition this Saturday

While COVID-19 has complicated great many things, creativity always seems to find a way. Irene Messia has her exhibition ‘Being’ opening at Dust Temple, Currumbin this Saturday and while traditional exhibition openings are obviously not an option, how about a virtual one?

Well that’s exactly what the always-innovating team at Dust Temple are planning. Owner Isla Wilson is excited about the prospect of opening up the gallery to a whole new audience.

“We’re realising that our audience isn’t just limited to Currumbin now, it’s worldwide,” she told us. Of course, like everything most of us are experiencing right now, it’s a new beast. But Isla remains undeterred.

“It’s unchartered territory, but we’ve got a few ideas on how we can get it out there, and for as long as this lasts this is what we’ll be doing. Of course there’ll be only a couple of us here doing it. It’ll be Irene talking, introducing the pieces and then showing them. We haven’t got a script we’ll just make it up as we go along, and it’ll be what it’ll be.”

Isla felt it was too much of a shame not to the open the exhibition up, as Irene Messia’s work is “outstanding”. And the pieces have a great story behind them, too.

Born and educated in Rome, Irene travelled widely across the globe before landing in Australia. She took up a residency at the Dust Temple in 2016 while still dividing her time between Europe and Australia. In 2019 she moved to Australia permanently and now works and lives in on the Gold Coast.

These new works by Irene, while focused on the research of the ‘Being’, were inspired by the long Italian narrative, Dante’s poem, ‘Divine Comedy’. The literary masterpiece was a source of inspiration and led for her to portray a metaphorical journey through hell, purgatory and heaven with figures, spaces and pictures.

“In the beginning I wanted this body of work to represent characters inserted in a context inspired by Dante’s narrative poem, ‘Divine Comedy’,” Irene said. “Instead of becoming embedded in just one ideology, I moved my research to the concept of ‘Reality’ or ‘The appearance of the Eternal essence’.”

“The true nature of things is often hidden behind false illusions; power, religion, technology, morality, life and death, … but it is from these illusions that our fears are born and our hopes are nourished.  It is from these illusions which this crazy but wonderful representation called life is created,” she continued. “We human beings are both extremely fragile and eternal. Fragile in this existence which is the appearance of our Eternity. Or something like that…”

Isla believes this will be the first of many exhibition livestreams for the venue. “We’re really excited,” she enthused. “This idea has scope for not just our business but other businesses as well in the same industry, so it could be something that we share the love with others, too.”

Follow the livestream opening of the exhibition on Saturday 28 March at 6pm from the Dust Temple Facebook page or the Dust Temple app. You can also purchase artwork through the app. From Friday 3 April you can also order a delicious home delivered meal and a bottle of wine or your favourite beer, as well as access other options through the Dust Temple app. The online art world is your oyster!

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