DENNIS. Drops New Disco Infused Indie-Pop Banger

Electro indie-pop starlet DENNIS. is set to day-glo up the airwaves and make you feel alright with the release of her shiny new single ‘What You Do’, in which she collaborates with rapper Professor Paul.

Last year saw the lass with the bitingly angelic vocals introduce herself to audiences by taking out the inaugural Gold Coast Music Prize at the 2020 Gold Coast Music Awards, in addition to her track ‘Run Little House’ reaching over one million streams.

We recently caught up with DENNIS. to discover, amongst other things, how the new number came together, who she’s currently grooving to and where she’ll be taking things for the rest of 2021…

Congratulations on the release of your new single, ‘What You Do’. Can you put us in the picture on how the track came together and how you came to collaborate with Professor Paul on it?

Thank you very much! I wrote ‘What You Do’ with Gold Coast artist/producer MDWS in his home studio last year and when we got to writing the bridge we both imaged this really wordy verse. To be honest, we were a bit nervous about finding someone to write a verse, given that I haven’t collaborated with any rappers before but I am so glad we found Tom (A.K.A Professor Paul).

I had met Tom a few years back at a Bigsound event and stayed in touch, and when I saw one of his latest releases, I knew I just had to hit him up. Tom was super into the track and sent back the verse within 24 hours and that was that – no retakes, no rewrites, what you hear is the original bridge he sent us.

2020 was a tough year for most in the music fraternity. What did you do to stay sane and keep on your creative path, and did you tap into any other opportunities or outlets that you might not have otherwise considered prior to the pandemic?

Personally, I used most of 2020 to take a bit of a break from music, especially right at the start of the pandemic, taking the time to think about my career and make some big decisions about what type of artist I wanted to be and how I was going to make that happen.

From August onwards, I was basically playing shows non-stop right up until the end of the year, which is so crazy considering that’s not what everyone else’s year looked like. I was lucky enough to jump on some insane tours and it really confirmed to me that I am at my best when I’m on stage.

You spent time in Nashville on a scholarship working with Trey Bruce – how did that come about and what was the experience like?

I won a scholarship in my last year of uni to travel to Nashville and it was there that I wrote with Trey Bruce. It was definitely a highlight of my career so far. The whole trip was super eye opening and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up spending a bit more time in Nashville one day.

Which artists/musicians are particularly resonating with you at the moment?

I was recently introduced to Sylvan Esso, this electronic duo from North Carolina. They write these fun and really quirky pop songs, but they actually make all sorts of music and I have been super inspired by one of their more intimate and emotional tracks, ‘Slack Jaw’. I sort of think if they can play around with that many genres and still create such great music, then so can I. Perhaps I’ll release a slower, more intimate track in the future.

Are you currently working on any other tracks and if so when can we expect to hear them?

This used to be my most hated question, but not this year! I am in the thick of writing and creating at the moment and I love where things are heading. I have already teed up some more tunes to come very soon after ‘What You Do’ so you will not be left waiting. I can’t wait to show you the new music that I am working hard on right now!

Do you have any upcoming live shows on the horizon?

To celebrate the release of ‘What You Do’, I have a show on the 19th February at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, supported by Moon Saloon and Isabel Wood. There are few more really exciting shows coming up too, but they are all hush hush for now.

Where do you want to take things for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

I really want to tour, so I’m trying really hard to make that happen with my team at Niche Agency. But my number one priority is getting busy releasing more music. Last year, I went through a period of time when I wasn’t sure if this music gig was for me, so I’m so glad I’ve come out the other side of that, because now I am more certain than ever this is where I am supposed to be. I have found a new love for what I do and I really think that will shine through in 2021.

DENNIS.’s catchy new single, ‘What You Do’, is out now through major streaming platforms.

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