Dead Letter Circus Ready To Detonate At Wallapalooza

For more than fifteen years, Brisbane heavy alt-rock juggernaut Dead Letter Circus have powered their way to the summit of the Australian rock landscape as one of the most renowned and hardest working acts on the scene. With five albums under their belt and a reputation for delivering a killer live show, the band have been relatively quiet over the past few years by their standards, a combination of the band needing some rejuvenation time as well as the obvious impacts to live music as a result of the pandemic.

But that’s about to change in early 2022, with the band stepping back out on stage as part of the iconic Wallapalooza festival (the Gold Coast’s longest running independent music festival), where they’ll tear up the stage in conjunction with a stack of other killer rock acts such as Grinspoon, Bodyjar, Smoking Martha, These Four Walls, Mass Sky Raid, The Wrath, and The Molotov.

In the lead up we chatted with Dead Letter Circus front-man Kim Benzie.

With all of the COVID-related impacts on live music performance, you guys must be itching to get up on stage and play at Wallapalooza in November!? How have you guys handled the lack of scope to get out there in front of a crowd over the past 18 months? 

Going full glass is half full here, we’d never taken a break since 2006 and had been in a cycle of touring, writing, touring so this was the forced break I think we all needed to refresh and reboot.

In what ways have you all kept busy during these trying times?

We’ve all put some much-needed time into our lives outside of the band, which is very easy to become unbalanced. So we’ve had some solid unbroken time with loved ones and undertaken some other cool projects. And our Drummer Luke Williams has become a star on the psy-trance scene as Mr Licka, exploding some pineal glands in the ‘doof world’ around the world!

As well as yourselves there’s a bunch of other killer bands playing the Wallapalooza bill – are there any other acts on the bill that you’ve shared stages with before or who you’re particularly looking forward to seeing? 

Playing with the Grinners (Grinspoon) and The Butterfly Effect is always awesome, as well as all the killer local acts, whom a bunch of are our mates.  I’d say some fun times will be had both in front and back of stage haha!

Huge shout out to the Wallapallooza crew for stepping up and making this festival happen at this moment in time. If we’ve ever needed some positivity and unity, it’s now. The tribal energy you feel when dancing together at a music event is going to be some sweet medicine for the anger and division we’re experiencing as a people right now.

Is there a particularly memorable show that you’ve previously played on the Gold Coast that springs to mind? 

The Goldie is always wild, good people who don’t hold back with throwing their energy around.  We’ve played a bunch of Coolie shows which were epic and some sweaty as fuck Shark Bar shows that were a little too memorable.  Basically, a show at the Gold Coast is a party you have no choice to subscribe to, so you may as well do it right.

You guys have been relatively quiet on the new music front lately. Are you working on any new material at the moment and if so when can we expect to hear it? 

Usually we’d be on album cycle now, but (as previously mentioned) due to taking a little ‘refresh’ time, we’re only just starting to talk about this now and share some ideas.

How is 2022 shaping up in the world of Dead Letter Circus? 

I can only speak personally in saying that whilst I’ve enjoyed a break from music for a year while the world got weird, I’m super keen to get back to pulling tunes down from the ether and sharing some sweaty space with like-minded people on our travels again.

Dead Letter Circus are one of the epic acts appearing at Wallapalooza 2021, being held at the Mudgeeraba Showgrounds in February of 2022 (please note, the date has been pushed back from November 2021), with final release tickets on sale now through Oztix.

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