Darlings of the Gold Coast: meet the Salvadarlings

Sitting in what is essentially an outdoor living room Gina Martin caught up with Gold Coast band Salvadarlings about conceptions, misconceptions and perceptions.
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Like many bands before them Salvadarlings began with jam sessions in a garage. Experimenting with music lead to the development of their cool psych-garage sound that landed them their first gig. Lead singer Ash Goodall offered to complete the band with her vocals and the band performed under the name Wet Dogs.

Ryley laughs, “We thought if we called ourselves Wet Dogs we would be allowed to stink on stage”.

While the band has only been on the scene for a year you wouldn’t guess it, with their resume reading like they’ve been around for far longer. Having supported Wolfmother and GOVS, signing to label Strange Yonder, releasing their debut EP Primary Feels and touring; there is only one thing they want to set the record straight on.

“We never supported The Growlers,” Ashley says emphatically, “There have been articles saying we did and it never happened.” However what did happen is possibly more amazing! “They came to our rehearsal space to play,” Ashley explains, “They sounded really cool, even in our crappy shed. We were all really nervous because they’re one of our favourite bands, but they were really lovely so it was a great afternoon!”

Something else that happened in that crappy shed is the magic that infuses Primary Feels, which was recorded with George Carpenter at his home studio – a learning curve for the band.

“We write all of the music and name the songs, then Ash creates the lyrics and melodies from the name of the song,” Joel said.

“It’s our current creative process, who knows how that will alter though.”

The band tries to create a marriage of light and dark with their songs, even pairing them when approaching the track list to reflect this.

Having just completed their tour for the EP Ashley describes how the experience was a novelty for them.

“It was our first time travelling all together; and playing in different cities to different people was amazing,” she said.

“Our favourite city was Melbourne, the Old Bar in Fitzroy in particular. It was an old dive bar with a ladies knitting circle earlier in the evening and a bunch of guys watching a sci-fi/western when we arrived.”

Making sure to keep their live shows full of variety the band makes sure they change up the set list for each show, and having seen them live I can attest to the fact that they are entrancing. Something about the eerie lows with the ephemeral highs captivates the audience and pulls them into a world of the surreal.

One song in particular that embodies this is Deadman, which has an almost nightmarish carnival quality to it. “We weren’t aiming for that in particular no,” laughs Ashley, “some songs end up dark and others light, this song just grew that way.”

Being away from home for a while they are looking forward to returning to Swingin’ Safari on 9 August for Rabbit Radio’s 2nd Birthday Party.

“We love playing at home, with great people supporting us and we haven’t played at Swingin’ Safari in a long time, so we’re excited,” Ash said.

If you can’t get yourself to the Swingin’ Safari make sure you check these guys out as they are a band you cannot miss! With their second EP in the works we look forward to more magic from Salvadarlings.

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Salvadarlings play Swingin’ Safari
Saturday 9 August
Supported by CLN, Street 66, Dead Books and Sixties Sarah
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