Darkn3ss Calls

Brisbane industrial metallers, Darkc3ll are one of the hardest working bands in Australia and proof that if your heart is consumed and you’re driven, anything is possible. Blank’s very own metal correspondent, Nev Pearce caught up with frontman Jesse Dracman to chat about band life, their hectic touring schedule and what’s next for the powerhouse industrial band on the verge of hitting it big.
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The last year has been a pretty big one for Darkc3ll. They released their second album Dark Verses, played Soundwave and gained legions of fans. But the band aren’t resting on their laurels and show no signs of slowing down.

Jesse put their recent success down to a combination of touring and getting played on the radio. And with the release of their new single Hollywood Scars they’re about to hit the road again.

“For us, the opportunity to tour nationally three times, receive regular airplay on stations we listened to growing up, meeting great people on the road and seeing these people singing along and having fun with us is priceless,” Jesse said.

“The knowledge and experience we’ve gained as a band also has been special. Seeing this band grow has been an absolute privilege”

Darkc3ll have just released their killer new single Hollywood Scars and enlisted the help of their dedicated fan base to create a video inspired by their own guitarist Post Mortem Matt.

“Post Mortem Matt had the idea of wanting to shoot a fun party vibe clip with a touch of darkness and we loved the idea,” explained Jesse.

“We wanted to give our fans a sense of ownership in this clip and capture the spirit of Darkc3ll party vibes with some edge in the detail,” he said.

When it came to the inspiration for the lyrics for the song, Jesse said he drew inspiration from his own observations of the behaviour of other bands out on the road.

Hollywood Scars is all about the make-believe world of the wannabes the rock stars who are all packaging without hardly any substance,” Jesse said.

“We’ve seen it a lot on tour and it never ceases to amaze me.”

While their music is loved by fans from all walks of life one of the keys to the band’s success is that there aren’t many other musicians in Australia playing Industrial Metal, a sub genre made popular by bands such as Killing Joke, Ministry, KMFDM, White Zombie and Nine Inch Nails.

“It’s an exciting and addictive style that never tires,” said Jesse. “It’s a niche genre, but one that allows the creatures of the night to express visually and musically.”

“Not everyone gets it and that’s cool, but when you look at any dance floor where industrial music plays, it’s something else. Like any music, people need to listen deeper before dismissing or pigeonholing a song or band. If a song is a great song, let it be,” he said.

Darkc3ll are just about to hit the road on the eleven date Hollywood Scars tour which kicks off in Brisbane, 9 September and Jesse said the band are pumped and can’t wait to hit the stage again.

“We are itching at the chance to blow off some steam and share some fun once again with our audience,” he said.

“People know we’ll give them something special and nothing boring. We get to travel to places we have yet to play also, which will be very cool and collectively, these dates make for our longest tour run yet. It’ll be memorable.”

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Darkc3ll play the New Globe Theatre, 9 September, Bigsound on 10 September (at the Crowbar) in Brisbane and then hit the coast for a 12 September show at Coolangatta Hotel.

For additional dates go to www.darkc3ll.com


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