Dana Gehrman: Finding a Way with Tim Rogers

We first saw Dana Gehrman playing with the Honeysliders, when they did the ‘Abbey Road’ album at the Currumbin Soundlounge last year. A talented guitarist with a spectacular voice, Dana will be hitting the Currumbin Soundlounge again this Friday night, this time opening for You Am I frontman Tim Rogers. Dana and Tim have also released a new duet, entitled ‘Find A Way’, a catchy earworm with a great feel. She is – as the song says – a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll. Before the upcoming gig, we threw a few questions at Dana about her music. 

What drew you to country music, how would you describe your musical style and what other types of music do you get into?

Most of my favorite bands, whilst I wouldn’t classify them as straight down the line ‘Country’ definitely have country influences especially with instrumentation; slide guitars, the pedal steel.  My music draws on similar influences, also from blues, soul and that 70’s ‘west coast’ sound.  I’m definitely into my 60’s/70’s music but love listening to jazz and soul, funk, all sorts – I really dig getting new album recommendations or a good old mix tape.

I first saw you playing with the Honeysliders. Besides your snazzy purple plush suit, I noticed you don’t use a plectrum but rather your fingers. Is this something that came to you or was it something you developed as you grew as a musician?

Any opportunity to wear a velvet suit! When I started playing it was predominantly with a pick, I’d never take a solo without one. Progressively over the years I started playing rhythm with my fingers with a plectrum tucked up under my little finger ready for solos.  It’s only been the last couple years I’ve given up the pick basically all together. I like to feel the strings.

Who are your main musical influences?

I love bands like Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, The Beatles AND The Stones – I grew up with a Beatles obsession, so playing Abbey Road last year with The Honey Slider’s was an absolute treat – My new LP coming out next year also draws inspiration from artists like Captain Beefheart, Tom Petty…

The big question – How did the Duet with Tim Rogers come about? A catchy and very cute tune, that I reckon deserves airplay.

Thank-you! The song was written by my good mate Danny Widdicombe (The Honey Sliders) for my upcoming album.  We’d been working together on a different tune when he showed me the riff and a day or so later sent me a demo of the track – I loved it instantly. It wasn’t originally planned as a duet, but I had a dream one night that I’d sung it with someone & just knew it was Tim.

The Honey Sliders do an annual show re-creating, one of their favourite albums… The year before Abbey Road was The Rolling Stone’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ album with Tim as Mick Jagger! My first meeting with Tim was in a rehearsal room singing BV’s for Gimme Shelter.

What can people expect from the show at the Soundlounge on 28 September?

For my set, it’s just me and my telecaster, testing out new material and a couple of favourites… and the new single of course!  It’s an absolute pleasure to be opening for Tim, I’ve been lucky to see his show a few times now and it’s exciting and captivating each night! Such fun.


There you go folks, if Tim Rogers isn’t enough to get you to the Soundlounge on 28 September (tix here), Dana is definitely the cherry on top. Check out the new single below.

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