Coomera TAFE Student takes out city pride art competition

City of Gold Coast’s recent city pride campaign encouraged students to submit artwork showcasing ‘What the Gold Coast Means to You.’ The competition was won by talented TAFE student Odin Lowsley, with a colourful, computer-generated design. The mural, located on the south of Sundale Bridge, was just unveiled in February. We shot Odin a few questions about his passion.

What motivated you to enrol in a TAFE course while you were still at high school? What kind of doors did that decision open up for you?

Originally, I just wanted to get more experience in the field that I was interested in, but once I realised how much I enjoyed it, I couldn’t stop there. After being at TAFE for a while, it registered with me that it ticked all my boxes by providing me with an environment to study amongst others that wanted to be there, allowing me to fast-track my learning, and offering me a multitude of opportunities to take on, like the Gold Coast City Council competition. I have also been able to work with live clients, allowing me to gain experience when it comes to real customers, something crucial for commercial work. Finally, I’m now commencing my bachelor degrees studies thanks to the partnership with Griffith University, so I think TAFE deserves a lot of credit for that too!

So what DOES the Gold Coast mean to you?

To me, the Gold Coast is a hub of excitement, progress and forward-thinking whilst also being rich in natural flora, fauna and landscape beauty, combining to create a wonderfully unique place in Australia that deserves to be celebrated. I’ve grown up in this remarkable environment and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities it has afforded me, from SCUBA diving to boating to hiking, I’ve had great fun getting to know the natural side of the Gold Coast. Then the theme parks, cinemas and restaurants have always been there to entertain me while the excellent education and health care have kept me healthy and learning. I feel blessed. This is a very proud feeling which, hopefully, my art reflects.

Your goal is to work for LEGO in Denmark. What are the stepping stones to get there? What will you do until that goal comes to fruition?

I’ve already put in my application with the LEGO store here on the Gold Coast, as that’s the closest I can come to being employed by LEGO right now while I complete my degree studies. I’ve also written to LEGO expressing my passionate interest should any opportunities for employment arise!  In the meantime, however, getting more commercial experience from a well-respected design studio would certainly aid my future plans, and there’s always the private commissions that might one day evolve into a design studio of my own.

Where can people see more of your art?

You can check out more of my art at or on Instagram by searching for @_legodin_. There’s also the installation of my GCCC art along a walkway in the Broadwater and the TAFE Southport campus has decided to feature this particular work on their front roller door as well.

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