Connecting with Jane Hoggard

Northern NSW artist Jane Hoggard is known for her illustrative drawing practice and unique mixed media pieces, with her work reflecting an appreciation of the local environment. Her pieces have recently been featured in an exhibition by Feros Care called The Connection Project, which launched at Stone & Wood in December with the aim to build awareness around loneliness and encourage connection. We recently shot her a few questions about the show and her practice. 

Tell us a bit about The Connection Project

It was a community project that enabled artists to be totally guided or motivated by the phrase  “When I feel love and connected I feel…”

Artists could do what they wanted upon a large piece of puzzle and 10 pieces of the 360+ were framed and sold off at auction. I did one incorporating pelicans – a jurassic bird that everyone goes “wow” at! This piece of mixed media ink and collage was bidded for at the auction and is now resting in its new home. The story attached to each puzzle creation was as important as the drawing. 

What inspires you to paint?

Shapes, lines, edges…  some figurative objects – my finished apple core, dried up bouquet of roses. Next phase of motivation is then problem solving what is down on canvas. That process is the ‘warm up’ for making a piece of work (on canvas, heavy paper).

Foraging, collecting and using different materials will be a basis of inspiration, for example, paper (eg vintage manual) or half a sticker off a bar code or a napkin that I incorporate into a piece. It will usually have some line work or texture that I wish to absorb into the work. 

Can you share your art career in a few sentences?

Trained at the London College of Art in Children’s Illustration a few years ago. Lots of Byron School of Art short courses which helped developed abstracts. Now I am continuing to build my artist profile and working towards further exhibitions in Brisbane next year.

Interview by Sam Beau Patrick, Story by Natalie O’Driscoll

You can follow Jane on @JaneHoggardArtist and check out examples of her work at




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