Come Party with Polish Club


Polish Club have made endless waves in the Australian music scene lately, with the release of their album ‘Alright Already’ and an Australian tour to boot, the possibilities for this energetic duo are endless.


Q: So your Debut album ‘Alright Already’ comes out later this month, how long has it taken you guys to get all the songs to a point where you’re happy to release them?


A: Well we went into the recording process with what must have been close to 100 ideas, so it was more of a question of choosing the ones that we liked the most and which songs made the most sense and working further on those. John is an impatient bastard and has thousands of ideas, so he’s always trying to keep writing and writing, so we had to force ourselves to choose a bunch and narrow it down. All up it only took about 8 days to record the album


Q: Your single, ‘Come Party’ has been out for almost a month now, are you happy with the response it’s received so far?


A: Yeah for sure! Everyones been super kind about it, it’s got party in the title so it’s a pretty straight forward party song. We thought for our first single off the record we’d come out with the most fun song that we’ve made.


Q: You’re quite well known for your upbeat style of rock, but you’ve managed to slow it down on some songs like, If It Was Me and How To Be Alone. Do you feel that it adds a lot of character to an album by switching up tempos like that?


A: We went into the whole process wanting to make sure we had a good balance between slower songs with more melodic moments, to what everyone is used to which is the fast-paced two minute songs. We definitely wanted to have those songs included so we’re not just hitting people over the head with 40 minutes of 1 minute songs.


Q: You guys recently did ‘Like A Version’ on Triple J, how does it feel to have such a great platform for new music supporting you guys with this new track and your upcoming album?


A: It’s weird, I feel like it was a mistake when they called us up to do ‘Like A Version’, but they’ve always been really sweet to us. We wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for things like Unearthed and community radio and stuff like that.


Q: The ‘Alright Already Album Tour’ kicks off in May with stops pretty much all over the country. Which places are you looking forward to visiting the most?


A: I always like the ones we’ve never been to, which this time will include the Gold Coast. Every time we play a show in a new city it’s always a surreal strange thing and this will be no different!


Q: You’ll be stopping off at places like Rad Bar in Wollongong, Rocket Bar in Adelaide and even elsewhere here on the Gold Coast, by playing such intimate venues do you feel as though it allows the crowd to connect more with not only the music, but also you guys on stage?


A: I think so, as a smaller band we always have the most fun in the smaller rooms, it just makes sense. The most fun ones are definitely the gigs that feel like house parties.


Q: Do you guys have any plans for after your Alright Already Australia tour?


A: We’d love to go overseas at some point, what that entails we don’t know. I would assume theres no time like the present to start playing some shows over there, I don’t know where, but somewhere! Johns really keen to move onto the next thing release wise, so we’ll probably start writing again and look forward to the next release hopefully!


Polish Clubs album ‘Alright Already’ is available anywhere you can find good music and are playing a SOLD OUT show at the Gold Coast’s number one venue Elsewhere in Surfers Paradise May 26, 2017.


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