COG + Osaka Punch + The Omnific: Live gallery and review | The Triffid | Thursday 14 February 2019

The streets are lined with patrons grabbing the cool breeze while they still can at The Triffid as I arrive. And inside is triple that. Welcome to a sold out Triffid. One of Australia’s greatest progressive rock trios Cog have the spotlight tonight, but before they take to the stage, we have two incredibly talented supports to catch.

Instrumental three piece The Omnific from Melbourne are here to open tonight’s show. Never heard of them, gonna be honest. But holy crackers! I’m lost for words when I finally realise there’s not a technical issue and there’s actually no guitar, just two next-level bassists rocking it on stage. They are honestly just too hard to describe; it’s prog rock intrumental with two bass players and one seriously kick ass drummer. I can’t do them justice, just jump on YouTube and look them up, do that for me. And prepare to have your mind blown.

Osaka Punch are one of those bands that if they’re your local treasure, you’d be over the moon and proud to say so. So luckily for us, that’s the case. They’re one of the best acts to come out of Brissy in a very long time and it’s more than apparent from the moment the Baywatch theme song starts playing from the PA and the home turf start losing their minds. Frontman Jack is about as entertaining as they come, which is just an added bonus to his phenomenal vocals. The whole band thrives off entertaining the crowd, no one gets left out.

The lights dim and the crowd roars. The nostalgic opening of ‘The Doors’ – that was once Cog’s most consistent set opener-  tears through the PA. The ambient sounds of Flynn’s signature reverb and delay-heavy tone screams back at the crowd. The energy is nothing but high from the moment the opening distorted riff begins. You can feel it right through the room. Without a blink, they follow with ‘Are You Interested’ and ‘What If’, both from their 2008 release ‘Sharing Space’.

Cog have been incredibly active since their unexpected return to the spotlight a couple of years ago. This is far from the first tour they’ve embarked on since, but that hasn’t stopped them from selling out The Triffid. The room is packed. It’s next to impossible to weave through. Even Flynn remarks between tracks that it looks chockas. He’s not wrong. It’s a **insert expletive** sauna in here!

The set is probably the most solid set they’ve played since their return to the stage. Bar a distinct lack of ‘Just Visiting’. But that isn’t even a downer considering what we’ve got tonight. The first of the new singles played is ‘Altered States’. The crowd soak it up and prove that their devotion will carry on into years to come. And the band proves that despite the many years apart, they haven’t lost their mojo, the writing and creativity is still as prominent as ever.

‘Resonate’ follows with its opening line “It’s resonating us, bowing and shaping us” as the crowd screams louder than the Gower brothers. New tracks ‘The Middle’ and ‘Drawn Together’ both make solid appearances in the set, along side a next to flawless set with the likes of ‘The Spine’, ‘My Enemy’ and ‘Run’ filling the centre of the set.

Though the band are heavily fueled by politics, closing track ‘Bird of Feather’ is nothing short of a love note to Flynn’s family. Easily the most emotional song in the set, the crowd join in as they give Cog every last bit of energy left in their weary sweat doused bodies. The steamy sauna empties out and even the summer humidity is a treat. But it’s all worth it. This is one band, after fifteen years of having seen almost every tour to come through south east qld, I’ll never ever get sick of their live shows. Bring on the next tour! More I say, MORE!

Photos by Dan Maynard Photography

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