The Mercato on Ferry, 59-73 Meron Street, Southport

Life is an adventure, so why not be daring with the coffee you drink? This is the question posed by Raw Espresso in Southport. With a huge social media following, Raw has made a big impact in the short nine months that it has been open with the Instagram crowd flocking to sample their intriguing creations.

Whilst the beautiful green macha latte has garnered many admirers, Raw is pushing the boundaries and encouraging their customers to be adventurous with their coffee choices. The Bucking Bull is a great example and is bound to send you soaring with a double ristretto over Redbull. In speaking with Raw’s owner Mark Fannin he is a wealth of ideas including coffees made with ginger ale, lemonade and, in the future, he is looking into how he can play with liquid nitrogen and freezing coffee, one to definitely stay tuned for!

Mark is a coffee lover that spent his time building coffee shops and dreaming of owning one himself before the stars aligned and he was able to open Raw. His philosophy behind Raw is that coffee is a personal experience, no matter what you drink, and when leaving his café Mark wants the customers to say that they enjoyed their coffee. Looking forwards to the future Mark would like to add on a lunch menu and have “Raw after dark” involving hot rods and muscle cars.

The coffee beans on offer at Raw come care of Locale coffee roasters in Melbourne, an affiliate of Lavazza. This is their first time out of Italy and they are using their roasting knowledge to tailor their beans perfectly to the Australian palate. All of Raw’s coffees are made on a beautiful Bright yellow La Marzocco machine with your choice of either the house or organic blend.

The House Blend, a combination of beans sourced from Ethiopia, Columbia and Brazil, is sweet, fruity and good for use primarily in milk coffees. The piccolo I sample has an initial bite that tapers out into light chocolate notes. Renowned for their bulletproof coffee, which is made with a double ristretto of the house blend, it is a blend of coffee, coconut water, butter and MCT oil, served complete with a gun shaped latte. The visual is humorous and the scent is intoxicating with the coconut tinged flavour and buttery body shooting through your system (pardon the pun).

Beans from Ethiopia, PNG and Brazil comprise The Organic Blend, which lends itself to black coffees. The espresso has a big bite of blackberries that smooths out into a caramel finish. The very drinkable long black is easier on the palate with the flavours playing across the tongue, a great drink on a cold day.

Raw also offers cold brew coffee made on premises that is perfect to takeaway and enjoy at a later time, with the Dancing Elephant latte and the 8 Ball, a black coffee with added sparkling water that Mark advises be served with some lemon.
With a compact kitchen and large seating area for up to 140 people undercover, Raw specialises in a select menu of quality eats and a cold cabinet of treats to select from. Ordering from the menu it’s hard to go past the Avo Smash ($11) with the perfect amount of crunchy bread, delicious avocado and feta and house made raw macadamia dukkah for added texture. The Raw Breakfast Salad ($13) of Kale, cherry tomatoes, nuts and seeds with poached eggs and finished with a tasty maple vinaigrette is a substantial and tasty feed to dig into. For added awesomeness I definitely recommend that you get some bacon on the side ($3 extra). For those with a sweet tooth I recommend the Dragonfruit (Pitaya) Bowl ($10), a blend of gorgeous Pink Dragonfruit, mango and pineapple juice served with fresh fruit, crunchy granola and coconut flakes. Tart and sweet with a good crunch care of the granola this would be great on a hot day.

Open 6.30am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 7am to 12pm Sunday, Raw is on the commuter trail and is the perfect stop on the way to work for a coffee and treat from the cold cabinet, or stay a while and have an adventure with their creative coffee.


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