Coffee Review: Neighbourhood Espresso 

4/9 Station Street, Currumbin Waters

It was a bitterly cold Gold Coast winter morning, where the temperature had dropped into the teens! Oh, the horror. The gang and I were roaming the streets of Currumbin Waters moaning for a coffee when, at that precise moment, Neighbourhood Espresso appeared before us. Was it like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter? Did Currumbin Waters know we needed coffee and lo and behold a coffee shop did appear?

“Welcome to the Neighbourhood” cries the beautifully painted sign that adorns the wall of Neighbourhood Espresso. The turquoise accented gem was opened by welcoming owner Cleo and her partner Ben, just shy of three months ago.  Having quickly become a local favourite, Cleo informs me that the concept of the name and colour scheme was her desire to create a neighbourhood hangout that acknowledged the area’s local industry, creek and coast.

Churning out Supreme Roasters Specialty Coffee on their La Marzocco Linea Classic machine, Neighbourhood Espresso uses the Beach Blend for their house coffees and also offer a single origin that rotates generally on a weekly basis.  Lucky for me on the day I visit it happens to be from my favourite coffee region Ethiopia, with the Black Lion beans being sampled in an espresso and long black. With a gorgeous sweet, caramelised orange scent, full body and slight sharpness, the earthy citrus flavour of the espresso I tried was glorious. The house blend espresso on the other hand packed a big initial punch that gave way to softer caramel and chocolate tones with pinch of hazelnut, with those flavours gaining creaminess in the cappuccino, which was like drinking a Ferrero Rocher.

With a small but satisfying breakfast menu that runs all day, and a cabinet that holds an abundance of sweet treats and sandwiches, Cleo informs me that they are currently working on a lunch menu, so keep your eyes peeled for when that starts running.

Open from 5.30am weekdays, 6am weekends and closing 2pm all days, but Monday and Tuesday when it closes at 12:30pm, this is certainly a very nice Neighbourhood to drop into.




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