COFFEE REVIEW: Bambi Deluxe 

18 Stuart Street, Coolangatta

Away from Coolangatta’s tourist strip, but close enough for the local surfers to stop by for a post-surf brew, Bambi Deluxe has been caffeinating the locals and coffee savvy tourists for the past five years leading to a huge following on social media. With a surprisingly quiet setting being so close to the hustle of Coolangatta, the sunny café is consistently rated as one of the top five cafes on Beanhunter, with locals and tourists being drawn to the offerings of a dark or light roasted bean blend from which to have their coffee made. With the majority of seating being outside where patrons can bask in the sun, the interior of the café is inviting with a big red Ruggero coffee machine front and centre as you walk in, facing the board that details the origins of the beans that contribute to each blend.

Owner Mike McCarthy grew up on the Gold Coast and worked in the hospitality industry all over the world before coming back home to open Bambi Deluxe. When he opened no one else was offering a choice in regards to bean blends. He quickly found that his patron’s palates differed greatly, favouring one roast over the other and, often enough, he has even found that couples will order their coffees in one of each as their tastes are frequently so different.

Bambi Deluxe’s beans are sourced from an independent roaster in Melbourne with the blends having remained the same for the past five years with only minor tweaks occurring depending on availability.

Blend number one, the light roast, is comprised of beans sourced from Indonesian, Columbia, PNG and Ethiopia. An espresso of the light blend is sharp and whets the appetite with a potent flavour laced with tannins. A long black, where you control the amount of water added, smooths out the flavour and reveals notes of candy, and juicy fruits.

Blend two, the dark roast of beans from Columbia, PNG, Sumatra and India, has a fragrant espresso with a dark chocolate flavour and an aroma reminiscent of a hot summer day. The piccolo of this blend was the favourite of the day, with a beautiful colour and caramel aroma, the taste is initially subtle until the strong caramel flavours kick in before smoothing out luxuriously.

Bambi Deluxe follows NSW times and is open from 630am to 3pm Monday to Friday, 7.30am to around 1 or 2pm Saturdays, and is closed Sundays.

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