Clowns Get Lucid on the Gold Coast

Following a memorable show at Miami’s Shark Bar last year with The Bennies and Axe-Girl, Melbourne punk outfit Clowns are stoked to return to Shark Bar Thursday 8 June to celebrate the release of their new album, Lucid Again.

Fresh from the French wine, vegan pizzas and magnesium flare-throwing fans of their third European tour, Clowns’ distortion-drenched sound and rambunctious energy are sure to have Gold Coast frothing this month.

“I’m excited to finally have some new material, it will be a breath of fresh air at the live shows,” said vocalist, Stevie Williams.

“I’m also excited to finally have enough albums for people to say to us, I liked your first stuff but your new album was really, blegh’.”

Although, ‘blegh’ is not likely to be the word as the new nine track album has received rave reviews across the board, with Rolling Stone Magazine calling it one of the best rock albums of 2016.

“We’ve been reviving an 80’s and 90’s hardcore/punk sound for 7 years now and on Lucid Again we really tried to experiment into some new territory,” Stevie said.

They’ve assured us it’s still very much punk but Lucid Again is more “slackerdelic”, which is basically slacker garage music meets psych rock.

Morphing their hardcore sound with “scuzzy psychedelia”, Clowns will be joined by self-proclaimed rock mutants and modern morons, US four-piece, Night Birds.

Get lucid with Clowns and Night Birds Thursday 8 June at Miami Shark Bar. Tix on sale now for $25 via

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