Christine Anu at Bond

Bond University has upped the ante on its successful Live At Bond series in 2014 booking one of Australia’s most successful and iconic Indigenous artists to open its program for 2015.

Christine Anu will headline at the ADCO Amphitheatre stage on Sunday 15 March as part of Bleach*.

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of her hit album, Stylin’ Up which featured My Island Home, and propelled Christine into the annals of Australian music history.

Last year, Blank spoke with Christine Anu and asked her about opportunities that exist for emerging Indigenous artists in Australia.

“There are more opportunities and more support than there was at the start of my own career, but there could always be more,” she said.

“If there’s a high demand, this creates more work as more artists from across the board are being sought after. In an ideal world, it would be nice to have a booking agent whose sole purpose would be to source work for artists from bands to didj players, from singers to comedians, from dancers to speakers/storytellers, and the list goes on. More people would get work and there would be more work opportunities created,” she said.

Anu’s successful career over two decades boasts platinum albums, sell-out musicals, Hollywood blockbusters, and high-profile collaborations with showbiz and musical luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann, Paul Kelly, Olivia Newton-John and David Atkins.  She is a multiple ARIA and Deadly Award recipient, has received numerous awards for stage shows including The Sapphires, and is widely respected as a charity Patron and Ambassador.


Presented as part of Bleach* Festival, Tyus Arndt and the Churchie soul band also make up the bill.


Sunday 15 March | Christine Anu at Bond University as part of Bleach* Festival, from 3.00pm at the ADCO Amphitheatre.

Get details at the Live at Bond Facebook page or at the Bleach* Festival website.


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