Leave me alone: Christian Hull heads to Byron Writers Festival 2021

The hilarious and irreverent Christian Hull is set to make an appearance at this year’s Byron Writers Festival.

If you never thought that an unshaven gay man wearing ill-fitting wigs would become a successful comedian – think again. Christian Hull has become a social media sensation since he appeared as his alter-ego Trish on YouTube in 2015. Now the man who admits he has never set goals in his life has written a book ‘Leave Me Alone: A Memoir of Me, Myself and Trish’ and is appearing at this year’s Byron Writers Festival. Blank had a chat with Christian about goal-setting, insects in Brisbane, Caramilk (of course), and Fuck-off crystals.

“You’re wasting your time” laughs Christian referring to the goal-setters. “I think it’s great to have things to look forward to, but you set yourself up for disappointment if you don’t achieve the goal.

“I’ve never really set goals, and the goals I have set never really came true, like wanting to be successful in radio. I’ve just started a business and I have staff. They were like ‘Christian, you have to have goals in this business. We don’t know what we’re working towards.’ and I was like, fuck, having goals in that instance is really important. So I started to set them more so to create direction for other people.

“But personal goals, that’s a really tough question. I started writing the book not having the goal in mind but more for therapy reasons. I just started making the videos, I didn’t necessarily want to become viral.”

The business Christian is referring to is his shop which he opened a year ago thanks to COVID.

“I was going to do the Melbourne Comedy Festival and that was cancelled. I was really relying on that money. I’d just bought a place and just moved to Brisbane. I started making some shitty resin jewellery and I had a gimmick behind it which was about crystals.

“There’s a crystal for healing and a crystal for, oh, life, and I thought is there a crystal that would radiate, like, fuck off. There wasn’t so I started making one out of resin and I blurted a Tik Tok. I sold 17,000 in six months. I thought there’s something in this so I started a shop online called ‘The Fuck Off Shop’ and I’ve been selling things with Fuck Off on them. I also made a fragrance called Farqovsky.”

The move to Brisbane happened after travelling around Australia and discovering he hated the cold in Melbourne, he loved the audiences in Brisbane and that real estate was cheaper in Brisbane. When Christian was living in Adelaide he had to contend with his nemesis the bogong moth. Now in Brisbane it’s geckos and cockroaches.

“There is a different calibre of bug in Queensland,” he says.

“There’s geckos everywhere and they make weird, scary noises. But they eat the moths, so I have to love the geckos. I’ve got a beautiful garden that’s covered in caterpillars, and the caterpillars turn into huge moths and the geckos eat the moths. The cockroaches up here are so disgusting. Their legs are about three times longer than a normal cockroach and they take off and fly. It’s made me keep a really clean house.”

There’s a postscript in ‘Leave Me Alone’ where fans have sent in questions to the author. Some are X-rated and refer mostly to Christian’s escapades on Grindr, and some are ‘Stupid’ (the book’s word not mine).

Inevitably the stupid questions come around to Caramilk. So would Caramilk be so popular if Christian hadn’t spruiked its deliciousness so much on social media?

“I think it would. It’s so delicious. That’s why I made such a big deal out of it. I’d love to take credit, but it’s such a popular chocolate already in New Zealand.”

While Christian has put Trish to bed for the moment (“she’s still there sitting on a foam head on the shelf”), he wants to do some more touring as well as a book tour later in the year.

At the Byron Writers Festival he’ll be on a panel discussion with Kitty Flanagan and Judith Lucy.

“What am I going to offer? I’m terrified,” he confides. “They are just two of my favourite women in the world. I’m going to be absolutely shitting myself.”

Christian Hull will be appearing at Byron Writers Festival 6-8 August alongside a recently released guest list of luminaries including Julia Baird, Malcolm Turnbull, Archie Roach, Bryan Brown, Kate Grenville, The Betoota Advocate and many more. For more information and tickets go to byronwritersfestival.com.


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