While Chevy Metal may be comprised of three members of the Foo Fighters (two official, one unofficial), I feel it is still fair to call them the best goddamn cover band in the world. Ex-Alanis Morissette & current Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins popped up on stage in fine form, seeming much at ease with the beach scenery beside him. The other official member present of the Foo Fighters was lead guitarist Chris Shiflett and his shiny Fender Telecaster Deluxe. Rounding out the band was touring multi-instrumentalist of the Foo Fighters, Rami Jaffee and their friend Wiley Hodgden.

The stage was set on the beach below the Media & VIP Bar on the sand, which I’d like to say straight away was awesome. The water was just metres away, and the scene was perfect. After Roxy Pro wrapped up for the day around 4pm, the waters were crowded with surfers vying for medium sized waves, and possibly for some attention from the Surfing pros relaxing up in the bar overlooking the water. The band walked on stage in casual wear, with Shiflett even sporting boardies, not looking out of place on a Gold Coast beach. The crowd was sizeable for a Friday afternoon and it was incredible to see some of modern rock’s greatest musicians jamming out iconic tracks while surfers tore by carving up the waves. Their repertoire ranged from covering Bitch by Rolling Stones to a particularly awesome song they learned just for us Aussies, Power & The Passion by Midnight Oil.

Not long afterwards they brought a guest on stage to play the iconic masterpiece that is Wizard by Black Sabbath. The musician they brought on stage definitely looked like a wizard, judging by his explosively curly long hair. Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother is the man in question, and he stood a head above our American guests on stage. Stockdale wasn’t the only guest Chevy Metal had up their sleeves however, and proudly pulled surfing world champion Stephanie Gilmore on stage. Their set spanned 2 hours and over three decades of hits, but their closing track was the best performance of all. Taylor Hawkins’ vocals on the smash hit Under Pressure from Queen & David Bowie were flawless, and you could just tell the crowd loved the cover. The band certainly seemed to enjoy performing it on a smaller stage compared to in stadiums with the Foo Fighters, as if the fresh change of scenery gave the song new life.

Even though they are massive music celebrities, it didn’t stop the guys from setting up gear and giving their guitar pics and equipment to the fans on the barrier. For their first show in Australia, Chevy Metal sure perform, and I’ll say it again…


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