Bystander Intervention: prevent sexual, domestic and family violence

Support Act, Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers, is hosting a free workshop to help the industry respond to harassment or other inappropriate and illegal behaviour.

The workshop gives music industry folk skills required to call out and intervene when witness to derogatory comments, harassment or violent conduct.

If you work or play in the music industry (and yes, that includes punters at a gig), then this free training is essential. We all have a role in preventing sexual violence but we don’t always have the confidence to call it out when we see it.

Whether you’re in a studio, at a festival, in an office, or at a zoom meeting there are strategies you can use to safely call out this inappropriate behaviour as soon as you see it. Participants at the workshop will learn how to engage in safe methods of intervention.

What is an ethical bystander?

Offensive jokes, derogatory language, and sexual harassment create an environment in which rape, abuse and assault become permissible. Jokes and language affect how we perceive these issues, and in turn how we respond.

An ethical bystander is an individual whose behaviour intervenes in ways that positively impact the event and its outcome.

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Identify jokes, derogatory language and harassing behaviours which can normalise violence;
  • Understand the legal context of violent and harassing behaviours;
  • Recognise when someone needs help;
  • Gain skills in safe intervention methods;
  • Understand boundaries and reporting pathways.

Choose from one of three workshops taking place, all running 9.30am – 12 noon AEDT (that’s 8.30am Queensland time):

  • Tuesday 19 October
  • Tuesday 16 November
  • Tuesday 14 December

Register and get more details at:

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