Burleigh Brewing News on Tap: Chutney and Burleigh Brewing forge a good time alliance

Since we last had a natter with on-the-rise Gold Coast rock band Chutney, they’ve been busy forging intrepid musical pathways, despite the current pandemic-induced challenges plaguing the live music scene. With a bunch of new tracks both on the airwaves and getting ready to detonate, the band have also managed to forge a solid alliance with local craft beer legends Burleigh Brewing.

It’s a partnership that commenced earlier in the year and shows no signs of waning, as we discovered when speaking with the Burleigh Brewing Marketing Team.

“Our partnership with Chutney first came about when we engaged them to play at our Burleigh Comedy Night back in March. We’ve been pals ever since and it’s blossomed into a super supportive relationship.

“We originally really bonded over how we can support the local community and give back through our respective passions. These days, we keep each other up to date with what’s going on in our corresponding calendars and if there’s anything we can align on we try to make it happen. We support them, and they support us right back!”

This mutual support was most recently in-play at the Crafted Beer Festival in Broadbeach in September. Chutney played a blistering, good-time set that went down a storm, with Burleigh Brewing in attendance and seeding them beer and merch. Says Chutney’s Andy Reid of the experience; “Crafted was a blast! To be back in a festival environment on a perfect Gold Coast day, by the beach with all our mates drinking delicious beer was quite a treat.

“The whole weekend was amazing, I think it was obvious how much fun we were having and that energy infected the crowd, which made for the best set we’ve ever played. Keen for more days like that!”

Andy also elaborated on the origins of the band’s partnership with Burleigh Brewing and why ongoing collaborations make sense.

“We reached out to Burleigh Brewing regarding some rider for our recent show with Peach Fur in Warwick, as we’d struck up a relationship when we played the pre-party for the Gold Coast Comedy Festival. We were hoping to secure a couple of cartons of beer, maybe! We were surprised to learn that Burleigh Brewing already had ourselves and Peach Fur highlighted to work with and had been discussing partnering up literally that week!

“After chatting it was obvious that they really wanted to engage in local live music and supporting artists. So far they’ve helped us out with lots of delicious beer, tonnes of merch and splashing our name everywhere they can.

“They’re looking to support live music events across the coast in whatever capacity they can – watch this space, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to all the exciting projects we have in the works with the legends over at Burleigh Brewing!”

As far as what the future holds, it’s somewhat sobering to realise that for a relatively new band like Chutney, the joys of playing regular live shows to a bumper crowd is something that to-now has eluded them, as Andy elaborates;

“As a band that released our first single (‘Outcast’) a month before the dreaded ‘vid hit, we haven’t really known the freedom of open borders or full capacity crowds at all. We’ve learnt that we need to release strong songs and videos and engage online as best we can to stay relevant in these strange times, so we will continue to work on that formula.

“Our next single ‘Life I Like’ is out on 4 November and is honestly our best work yet. With any luck life will begin to return to normal and we can get out on the road soon. We take a lot of pride in our live show and it’s always been a dream of ours to tour the country. Hopefully we can make that happen soon!”

Burleigh Brewing has announced its next Brewer’s Notebook beer is being released in late November, ready to refresh during the hottest month! Not only that, the team are gearing up for a new Summer Merch collection.

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