Bootleg: tape, vinyl and Little Georgia

Little Georgia epitomises true friendship. Gold Coaster Ashleigh Mannix and Victoria-based Justin Carter spent years touring together, exploring song-writing and hitting up festivals in places as diverse as Nashville and Tamworth, they finally recorded some music together.

Eight-track Bootleg is part Americana, part country and part roots and Ashleigh Mannix is very, very excited about its release.

“I was playing solo for ten years, and while it’s fantastic, it can get a bit lonely up there on your own. I’ve known Jus for a long time so it was a smooth transition. We’re really close friends. It wasn’t rocky in any way.”

Speaking to Blank GC after just finishing her shift at a Gold Coast child care centre, Ashleigh said the album was released in January at Tamworth Country Music Festival.

“We released it physically on vinyl,” she said. “We recorded it to tape. Justin especially is extremely passionate when it comes to sound quality and recording and it’s something we both really believe in. We have a great passion for vintage style recording, I guess you could say.”

The pair released the first single off the album Bootleg late last year, just 12 months after formally kicking off Little Georgia – which they also did at Tamworth Country Festival.

“We’ve been playing together as solo artists and often did a set at the end together. We’ve been touring for a year, mucking around with songs,” Ashleigh said. “We kind of flogged ourselves just touring for six months straight after that. Then we went to Justin’s farm (Portland, Victoria) in the winter to record the album. The cover shot of the album is his farm porch.”

Jimmy Straayer (LA) also collaborated on the album providing harmony and a third guitar. He travels to Australia occasionally to perform live.

Ashleigh is a country music star in the making. Country stay by night and daycare worker by day, I ask? “Yeah, definitely got the bills to pay,” she laughed. And country music? Is that where she places their sound?

“Yeah, I have no problem calling it country music – there is definitely an element of country music there – but roots and folk and Americana are thrown in a bit as well.”

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Ashleigh explains that Tamworth Country Music Festival is a new experience for her. “We’d never been before last year,” she said. “We both spent years playing different genres… he – rock, me – roots and blues… then when we started playing together and this twang came out it was really cool. We both have a love for that real country music and I said ‘screw it, let’s go to Tamworth, let’s do the busking comp’.”

“I didn’t know what to expect. But I reckon I’ll be going back every year. It’s such a cool festival.”

Little Georgia has just finished the first leg of their Bootleg tour which included a show at Miami Marketta. And soon they’re headed to Snowy Mountains Music Festival, Urban Country Music Festival (Caboolture) and Tweed Valley Country Roots Festival (October).

“But between now and then we have shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide,” she said, “hopefully we’ll get up here to the Gold Coast too.”

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