Bobby Alu: Catch Him While You Can

Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for has come! Summer is here and that means, well lots of things, but specifically festival season. Which is why Erin Bourne is speaking with Bobby Alu who happens to be popping up at several of those summer festivals.

This summer is all about the festival for you, no other shows?

The first six months of this year were just mental touring. I couldn’t think about much more touring so I just decided to play festivals. There’s a lot of festivals though! I’m at Mullum Music Festival, Island Vibe, Queenscliff and I am playing every day at Woodford Folk Festival.

After the festival season what is happening for you?

I’m around until March and then I’m relocating to Switzerland. There are a few reasons, my girlfriend is from there but it’s mostly for the music. I’ve had a great time when I’ve toured there, I’ve got shows over the summer with Xavier (Rudd) and so this opportunity just came up to go. There are so many different, cool things and movements happening in Europe and I’m really inspired by it.

Will there be a new Bobby Alu album?

This is the first time in four years I’ve had this much time at home, it’s real exciting. It’s nice to be back in that creative bubble again. I’ve got lots of stuff, three years of iPhone recordings and stuff on my computer that I’m going through. I’m working on it but I’ve got like 50-60 songs. I really want to get a subliminal message across, all about the flow.

How do you choose out of all those songs?

I still don’t know! I’m really following this theme, this concept of flow and balance. The songs are about that and it’s a fun process. There are just so many people in my circle that are just gunning it! People who are choosing to do things that they love to do and it’s really working out. I’m so inspired by that, people from all walks of life just making stuff happen.

_ _ _ _

Bobby has not got a release date for the album yet, but he is working on it. In the meantime, catch Bobby before he heads to Scandinavia for heaven knows how long.

Bobby Alu is at Mullum Music Festival from 17 – 20 November and Woodford Folk Festival from 27 December – 1 January.



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